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Sep 16, 2011
I got my G22c frame back from Cold Bore Customs about a week ago. Here is a list of the work I had done.

1. Grip reduction with 360 texturing (carry texture):
This is basically a "back-strap hump removal" and a re-texturing. The size of the grip now is much better suited to the size of my hand, which has increased my accuracy and the "fun factor." The carry texture is a bit rougher than the stock texture on a Gen 3 glock and I wasn't sure if I liked it at first. After I got over the initial shock of the new texture it has really grown on me and I am VERY pleased with this texture. My only issue with it is that I HAVE to wear an undershirt when carrying because the texture irritates my skin, not a lot, but enough to warrant an undershirt 100% of the time.

2. Finger hump removal
Because I have relatively small hands, the finger humps on my Glock were keeping me from acquiring my "perfect grip." It took me several days to really decide on whether or not I wanted this modification but I am happy that I got it.

3. Grip chop
This mod reduces the overall length of the grip to the size of a G23. This modification has greatly decreased "printing" when I conceal this gun using my Supertuck. G23 mags fit the gun perfectly now and I still carry G22 mags for backup.

4. Undercut trigger guard
This reduces "Glock Knuckle" and allows a slightly higher grip of the pistol. This went well with the grip chop, the shorter grip is not noticeable when holding the gun.

My high expectations were exceeded and I cannot express how very pleased I am with my Glock right now. I know that a lot of you will be shaking your heads wondering why I would change "Glock Perfection" or why I didn't just get a different gun. The truth is, this is the first gun that I ever bought, giving it sentimental value and I have never shot a more function-flawless pistol in my entire life. Now, not only do I enjoy shooting it more, it still holds the same sentimental value and trust that comes from a gun that has never failed me.

If you ever consider getting grip work done on your polymer pistol, give Lane a shout over at Cold Bore Customs, his work is phenomenal.
Visit his site for contact information or if you just want to look at better pictures :eek:

IMG_20120317_183457.jpg G23 Mag inserted
IMG_20120317_183509.jpg G22 Mag inserted
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