Colt Extractor 1911 45 ACP (Defender Series 90)

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To remove the extractor, you field strip the gun, depress the firing pin till you can slide the retaining plate down that holds the firing pin in, you then remove both the plate and then the firing pin which allows you to slide out the extractor from the back of the slide.
Not difficult, but the new extractor should be "tuned", which takes a little patience. I recommend the Wilson Bullet-proof.
I'd recommend retensioning the one you have unless there is obvious damage. Yep, cheaper than buying a new one and tuning that.
I agree with tuning the one you have.
Unless it is visibly chipped or broken there is really nothing wrong with it.
It just needs to be properly re-tensioned.

Heres how:

You basically want enough extractor tension of the round to keep it from falling out of the slide when you shake it around.

But not so much it stops feeding in mid stroke because it can't spring away from the rim far enough for the rim to slide up under it without binding.

And you don't need to buy those fancy tools to do it.
Just stick the front of the extractor back in the slide hole and hand tweak a little more bend in it.

Once you get it right?
Never ever single load a round in the chamber and drop the slide on it.
That right there is what bends them out of kilter in the first place.

Alright, I got the extractor removed. Actually wasn't that difficult at all and I'm kind of liking the fact that I'm learning this stuff for the 1911 platform (was getting bored with just the field strip take down :-D). This is good because now I can clean out some of these dirty internals...

Attached are a couple snapshots of what mine looks like.

Going to look at retensioning it now...


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Adjusting tension of extractor...

"To adjust the amount of tension exerted by the extractor, you can bend the body of the extractor to position the hook closer or farther away from the side of the breechface. It can be bent using many methods. You can use the extractor tunnel hole in the slide to capture half of the extractor while you bend it with your hands. You can also bend it with two pairs of pliers or secure one end of the extractor in a vise.

Over the years I had problems controlling the amount of bend when adjusting extractors by any of these methods. I would go through the bend and unbend method several times until I got it just right. I was quite time consuming."


Thanks for the link rcmodel. Will play with it and see what I can come up with.
I'll add that many people do purchase another extractor and tune that as well. Especially useful for an SD pistol. Once you've got this one whipped, you might consider the option, you'll have a good model on hand for reference as well.
Frame Finish or Coating - Colt Defender 1911

What do you guys think about the various coats out there? Interested in refinishing the frame on mine or applying a new coat.
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