Colt King Cobras and barrel - frame gap

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Jul 18, 2009
Mesa, AZ
I walked into one of my favorite gun shops today with nothing particular in mind but intending to go home with something (ended up with a Kimber K6s target and love it) I saw a new Colt King Cobra 3" and new King Cobra carry in the case and asked to look at them.
I looked at a King Cobra Carry about a month ago and noticed a significant amount of daylight between the frame and where the outer part of the barrel meets up against it. Enough for a piece of paper to slip between. So I didn't buy it.
I looked at the ones they had today, wondering if they might have the gap as well. Both did, the 3" was worse than the carry but you could see light through both. I examined a 4.25" Python sitting next to them; no gap.
I have been wanting both a King Cobra Carry and a King Cobra Target for a while, but at this point having examined a total of three, and finding the mentioned gaps in all of them, I am wondering if this is normal? Cause for concern? I didn't have feeler gauges to measure the cylinder to barrel gap, but knowing there is a frame to barrel gap, it would bother me if I bought one. Any one else notice this?
This is nothing new.
Back in the early 90's I saw a lot of S&W's with gaps between the barrel and frame.
I saw gaps in Ruger's too.
It isn't "right" but it never seems to cause any problems with accuracy.
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