Complete Spikes M4 1x7 Chrome Lined Rifle $545.00

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Mar 13, 2005
This is a 16" M4 profile M4 feed ramps 4150 chrome lined vanadium steel barrel, chambered 5.56 and 1x7 twist. Standard A2 flash hider, standard carbine handguards, quad rail gas block, flat top upper. Spikes Tactical forged lower receiver with a 6 position Mil-Spec Tube stock. The rifle will have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defect. We are not offering accessories with this rifle. This item is the rifle only. We do have a sale on a very nice accessory kit as well though.
I saw this earlier and it looked like a great deal, but the description also implies that the only Spikes branded item is the stripped lower receiver. I'm not sure the rest of the parts are Spikes.
Hey hkguns! Cool your jets...
I thought it would be nice to pass on a deal that some members might be interested in.
I have nothing to do with above place of business.
I did not purchase one.
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Mis-titled ad and mis-titled thread that is not a "complete spikes" AR. It is a lower with del ton parts. Being able to get a spikes (or what ever lower) at that price and a del ton DMPS etc upper for less than 600 is nothing new or particularly attractive.
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