Concealed Carry Vests?

One way to make a multi-pocket vest look more like it is being used for photography purposes is to sling a decently-serious-looking camera over one shoulder. The camera need not be large; there are compact cameras that look the part. Really, in today’s world, any camera that is not built-in to a mobile phone makes a person look like a “photographer,” or that new self-titled category of person, “content creator/influencer.” One caveat is that quite a few places will forbid photography and/or “filming,” so looking like a photographer or videographer is not always going to result in being welcomed.

Another category of vest fits the computer nerd and/or “digital nomad“ profile. The Scott E Vest may be the best known of this type.
I find that the vast majority of people that see a multi pocket vest think that guy must carry lots of stuff. When I see a fanny pack that is sagging under a load I think gun. Others probably only see a fanny pack, if they even notice. I doubt criminals see much more then that
You guys really gotta stop this. Absent wearing a tee-shirt with 4"words on front and back saying, "I am armed with a handgun, shoot me first!" there is nothing that one can wear that "screams shoot me first."

While a certain style of dress can certainly clue in the cognoscenti (those in the law enforcement, military, shooting communities) that one may subscribe to a lifestyle that includes either hunting, shooting or even carrying firearms, 99.9% of Americans don't pay attention to this stuff.

No one cares about what others wear, except for the extensive sub-culture of celebrity-worshippers who live to watch stupid events such as the red carpet arrivals of Academy Awards attendees.

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My response was to all the guys saying all vests are shoot me 1st vests. I don't give it much thought other than to say, if you dress like a model out of the 5.11 catalog - people will notice, as you look out of place.

I'd guess that being 6'3" tall without my boots on and wearing a cowboy hat half the time draws more attention to me than whether or not my jacket has sleeves or extra pockets.

I live and work about 10 minutes out of town, which used to be 20 minutes, but the city is growing whether I like it or not. "Town"is getting to be a bad area with aggressive panhandlers, a growing homeless problem and rampant drug use. Honestly as I travel around for horse shows in the summer, I think that maybe that is just an "everywhere" problem. My experience is the only thing the bad actors are looking at is whether or not you are looking at them. They much prefer catching you off guard and getting close before you notice.

The vest will be for work in the extreme cold when I have too many layers to navigate to get to my belt. Appearance is not a huge deal because I am generally supposed to be alone and if I am accosted, I was the only target for them anyhow. Despite that I still want concealed to mean concealed so that if a customer comes in to the farm unexpectedly or something innocent like a lady breaks down at the end of our driveway, I don't want to look like I'm on the SWAT team approaching them.

This did turn into a good thread, I appreciate all the suggestions. I did several google searches and didn't come up with half of these ideas.