Converting a G30 to a 10mm reliably

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Aug 16, 2011
I'm curious what those with experience have to say. My experience with conversion barrels has been with a G27 converted to a G26. It functioned but the ejection was not strong (maybe I needed to change the extractor to?) which didn't really matter because it was for plinking. But with the G30 I'd like to change it to a 10mm as a defense weapon while hiking in black bear/cougar country so it NEEDS to be rock solid reliable and eject with out reservation to give me peace of mind.

So my questions are, does the G30 reliably convert to a 10mm with the right barrel? Is a G29 extractor necessary? How strong is the ejection, is this something that will have a tendency to to fail when "limpwristed"?
When the 10mm Glock conversion barrel fad de jour began, I bought a KKM 10mm conversion barrel for my G21. I tried over 1000 rounds, in order to see if I could get it to extract reliably. I never could, so I sent the 10mm barrel back and exchanged it for a .45ACP threaded KKM barrel with comp.

A G29/G20 extractor won't fit in a G21/G30 slide. There are some blurbs about that recommend filing the front pad of the extractor, in an attempt at reliable extraction. What I found was that nothing I could do to the extractor resulted in reliability, as there was never any extractor tension on the 10mm case.

Others have posted 100% reliability. I suspect that 100% doesn't mean the same thing to everybody. For a range plinker, I wouldn't hesitate to experiment with the 10mm conversion barrel. For any kind of life-saving situation, I'd want something that I considered 100% reliable, by my standards, and that wouldn't be a 10mm conversion barrel in a .45acp Glock.
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Putting a G29 slide/barrel on it is the only sure way.

Put yourself a 460 Rowland barrel in it won't find yourself lacking for power then!
Drop in a good aftermarket barrel and shoot .45 Super instead. The 460 is a good choice too, either one is better than the 10mm imho.
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