Coyote ugly!

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A pic or link would be REALLY usefull about now....just sayin'


Oh sure, NOW you put it in there...Lol
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You ain't seen ugly. Back in the 70's I saw a woman at a trap shoot the had a Rem 1100 Trap that was tole painted. All white with rose vines running up and down it. :barf: I almost cried.
Just goes to show - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I really don't like the brown, but I just received the Midnight Blue one a couple weeks ago and really like it. Looks black until the light hits it right (or it is next to something that really is black). That dude is as navy blue as it can be, but I like it.

i have an ltc in regal

i have an ltc in regal. it is an awsome gun out of the box. i initially liked the colors on this, but after staring at it for a minute, i decided it was awfull
It's not the color that makes it ugly. There's nothing uglier than a 1911 with beavertail grip safety, skeletonized trigger, extended thumb safety, and skeletonized hammer. Glocks look good in comparison.:barf:
If my memory serves me correctly, Para Ordnance uses heat applied finishes on their guns. In that case, all you need to do to achieve the same thing is spray paint your P-14 with crylon desert tan flat spray paint and bake it in the oven for a while.
Desert Tan is actually a very pretty finish if used properly. Black (flat and polish due tone get the best results) upper, Desert Tan lower, gray and/or black small parts, high polished barrel and white safety housing turn out a drooling appearance. My own 1911 always gets people drooling at it and it has the exact same finish I just described.
Uh...put me down for a "pretty as a mud fence" vote. In other words, I'd take it if it was given to me, but I sure wouldn't spend any of my money on it.
Wow! That looks more like genuine plastic than any polymer framed pistol I've ever seen. Just paint the muzzle Orange and seriously confuse Cops and Kids (waay kidding, folks).
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