Custom Rifle

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i would go with a 308 loaded with 160gr or heavier premium bullets for moose and elk. Then load it for everything smaller with some 150 softies. I have shot 308 for years it is my go to caliber. My grandad's gun has taken most game in north america in his hands with 150 grain remington ammo and it still shoots great. Even with the 168's it doesn't knock me in the dirt or the face like my 7mm rem mag did.
The only downside of the .308 with heavier bullets is that the velocity starts getting low.

I'm not a hypervelocity freak, but the .308's trajectory with elk/moose loads is not great for a modern rifle.

That's what I meant when I said that, for a full-size hunting rifle, I'd just get a long action.
You speak truth. I don't know anyone chambering for the .260 currently. I wouldn't let that hold me back, however.. you only need to do it once.
The downside to custom rifles is that once you shoot a quality barrel, you'll never be satisfied with factory.
Get a Savage long action, a .308 bolt head, a barrel spanner, and barrels with their associated go gauges and have multiple calibers for under 2K.
There certainly isn't anything wrong with that factory barrel.
Nice shooting, sir. I would venture to say that yours is more the exception than the rule.
I don't know. Factory barrels have gotten better over the years.

Basic stocks haven't, and I'd venture that bolt faces may not be hand-fitted like they once were.

The barrel is about the easiest part to produce using automation, and still get good results.
Thanks Wastemore, that rifle shoots better than one I have (257 Bob) with a trued action, and Shilen match barrel- with factory ammo.

I think a guy building a rifle, is going to put a lot of effort and time into it, but it's only as good as the builder. And the better the builder, the more it costs. That's the scary part.

Several years ago I visited Kenny Jarretts' shop, took a little walk around tour, looked through the borescope at factory barrels and at one of Jarrett's.

Kenny's son was hand lapping a barrel when I was there. I asked him how he knew when to stop, "by feel" he replied.

"Feel" starts around $5000.00 at that shop, out the door.
I, went to my gunsmith today and found out that he does have Remington m700 long actions in stainless. He told me that the price would not go up that much.

The build is ready to go except for the caliber.

Action: Remington M700 long action
Barrel:24" Stainless
Finish:Black Cerakote
Stock:Manners MCS T Flectarn 5-Color Camo

The problem is that I do not know what caliber to use.

What about 6.5X55 Sweedish?
.338-06 A-Square would be something I'd look into, for a serious long-action deer-to-moose rifle.:)
Europeans have been using the 6.5x55 for everything walking over there. Good round, light recoil.

Try to figure out what your expectations are as far as how far you will be shooting. Check some ballistics tables, look at drop and trajectory, energy and velocity.

Look into twist rates also, will the caliber you choose shoot what you want to shoot weight wise.

Will you reload at some point, or rely on factory ammo, look into the cost of "feeding" the rifle.

For the most versatility, reloading would allow you to customize different bullet weights and types to your rifle for the game you want to shoot.
The only downside of the .308 with heavier bullets is that the velocity starts getting low.

It all depends upon the powder used. I shoot 190SMK's at 2700fps out of my 26" barreled FN SPR in .308, so loading a quality 180gr hunting bullet at 2700fps is easily doable.

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