cz-52 recoil spring

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Sep 23, 2004
so, my new cz-52 seems to have an issue where after firing the first round, the slide won't return all the way foreward (stays back maybe 1/8") and it wont go foreward and fire unless I pull down on the take-down tabs, and push the slide foreward.Based on a search here, some say out of spec brass on Romainian surplus ammo and/or the recoil spring being weak are the cause of this.looking at getting a Wolff recoil spring replacement, and I see the "stock/original" spring is 14.5lbs, and i can get either a 16.5 or 18.5 lb spring as a replacement.Is one better than the other in regards to this issue? Is one more like to cause a different issue than the other? Which replacement would you recommend? Thanks
I use the heaviest Wolff spring with no problems at all. Shoots well and I have a chance to find the empties when shooting my reloadable ammo. They only travel about half as far as with the stock spring...which means about 20feet vs 40.

Only problem you might encounter is with weak ammo it might not eject properly. Depends on what you shoot and I like the heavy spring not allowing the slide to hit the frame as hard on recoil. And, the chambering problem you are encountering will not happen again with the additional spring pressure.
I've seen this issue twice so far. Stock springs are supposed to be about 14.5 lbs and my CZ-52 recoil spring measured out at about 9 lbs (and it would barely lock back into battery) and my friend's measured out at about 7.5 lbs and it often didn't lock back into battery.

We both put the 16.5 lb springs and both pistols have functioned flawlessly since (we both shoot the AIM surplus Romanian ammo, it's great).

If you haven't done it already you should also dump the crappy stock firing pin and get one of the machined ones like this.
I like 16.5's. I do have one with the 18.5 but had to break it in with surplus to be able to run factory with it. Grab one of each. They aren't that expensive and are easy to change so you can tune for the ammo you are shooting.
Thans guys.I already had the firing pin on order as I was forewarned about the originals being brittle.The spring issue was news to me though, or I would have just gotten one then. :) I'm using the same Romainian surplus Zespectre mentions.The suggestion to get both springs is probly a good one, and I should have just done that already.Sometimes I'm too cheap, and need a little prodding to spend the extra whole $8 :rolleyes: to do the smart thing :).Thanks again.I'l be getting both and just seeing what works best for me.
Oh and as a side note, the Wolff springs for the CZ-52 do have a "right" and "wrong" orientation though it is not immediately visible.

One end is slightly larger (goes toward the muzzle) the other end is slightly smaller (goes towards the chamber). If you get it wrong you won't damage anything but re-assembly becomes far more difficult.

I wound up dabbing some orange paint on one end so I could tell the ends apart.
I should probably look into a new spring for mine as well, although it seems to be ok. Is the Romanian surplus ammo you are using steel core? I'm looking for some surplus ammo I can use on an indoor range.


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