CZ P-10C White Nitride - first Impressions

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Nov 19, 2003
proud to be in AZ
I cannot describe this finish, really can't. It is one thing - really, really neat.




Now this one weird thing...see the difference? Nitride on the right.


And yes, I used up all my good luck for the next 9-12 months....

So, I stripped it down for cleaning, and the white nitride really is a high class finish over bare metal Look at these slide pictures...but please, yes, these ARE the worst cell phone photos I have ever taken, no idea why I simply could not get it to focus right!


You will NEVER see a slide this clean again...and neither will I...


For the mechanically inclined - a close look at the striker assembly as installed. No, I will not be removing it - I am afraid I will lose something REALLY important...



First impressions -some of the most obvious gripes of the P-10c are simply gone - striker assembly won't move, and while the slide cover seemed loose right when I got it, it is now locked up like a bank vault. It will not slide down to engage the slide. The striker plate is beveled on the two projections, but not nearly as extremely as I've seen before. The spring on the left side of the frame that was listed as popping up - there isn't a micron's worth of room for it to pop through even if it could. I worked the mag release, (stiff as a life sentence), a bit, then worked a patch on a slotted jag, and gently lubed the mag release and the doodad it moves - works better already. The trigger showed some grittiness - put a tiny drop of lube on both trigger bars where they rub up against the frame, and voila! Grittiness gone. Trigger takeup seems a wee bit more than my original, and there is a tiny little hitch RIGHT at the end, like it's working past a tiny little bump, but the reset is, if you can believe it, even shorter, I think. Pull is about the same - I have no gauge, sorry. Pull, once take up is done, is smooth and even. The front sight hardly twitches. The white nitride isn't just a clever phrase - the whole slide inside and out is done this way. I do note - some small minds loved to complain that CZ pistols had noticeable tool marks on the inside of the slide, (can anyone tell me what difference that make?), but this one is as finely finished on the inside as the outside. This WILL be a carry gun once it proves itself, so we'll see how this handles up in AZ summer heat.
I can't wait to run a round or two through this one...

Interesting developments. Let us know how it does after a full range session.
That's really nice. Not a polymer fan, but if I were, that, and a P-07 would be on my list. Love ALL the other CZ's though.
Dangit, armoredman! You are just determined to convince me to buy one of these, aren't you?
I just pushed north of 3.5K trouble free rounds through my first Gen P-10C and didn't have any plans to replace it soon, but dang... that white nitride version sure does look good. If they do that slide on a black frame with the the suppressor ready mods, my credit card won't stand a chance.
Your wish is my command.

First let me start off with I didn't even sand down the checkering on this one. All I did was clean and lube. Made it to the local range, and set up the T.U.B at 15 yards.


I went looking through my vast stahs of all kinds of oddball 9mm ammo, to try them and and discovered....they were all gone...dagnabbit.
So, I broke out my usual blasting ammo, 124 gr cast lead powder coated. Yes, that IS pink - I ran out of my other colors, so we use Breast Cancer Awareness rounds. Donate to the research to save a life - not a joke.


First rounds down range, and this is what I scored.


Standing, two hand hold, no wind, bright sunlight. Hmm.
Try again. 15 rounds this time.


Not bad, well, not bad for me, fat old shaky guy that I am. :)

I brought a glove, in case the checking bit didn't.


I fired 100 rounds here, getting pretty much the same results...until I ran out of Insta-Target, AKA spray paint. Then a buddy contacted me, said he was at the super-secret C.A.T.S. base on the range, and would I lie to drop by?

Twist my arm....

I did get the cell phone to record some lousy goes...

All in all, it was fun indeed. The pistol worked perfectly, accurate reliable and nary a burp from 160 rounds of reloads and 45 rounds of NATO ball. I let the C.A.T.S. rangemaster fire a few - his only comment was, "How much?" Hah, not for sale. :)
This finish really looks nice in the light and there is NO glare.


No what shall I do for next time...wonder if I can find some lint? :D
My P10-C is about 10 months old now, has digested over 5,000 rounds of all descriptions without a hitch and has the best grip and trigger of the striker-fired guns I've tried. But of course the best thing is as you've illustrated above - hits on target.
Important follow up - while cleaning, I observed this - those are the infamous "legs" of the slide cover. No battering observed on the polymer, it is staying right where it is supposed to be.

I should point out that the beveling on the new slide cover isn't nearly as extreme as I had seen on some "interim" covers, more than the first one.

Great job with the range report and accompanying video! Like the product improvements and the white nitride finish.
I shot it again last week, up to 250 rounds with no failures, including my simulated defensive loads, 124gr Hornaday XTP over 8 grains of AA#7, kicks harder than the Critical Defense rounds do by far. I now carry this pistol. :)
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