Daddy Daughter Fox Hunting!

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Apr 6, 2008
Flagstaff AZ
I've been telling my oldest daughter that I'd take her fox hunting this winter. I finally scheduled a day to go and my youngest said she wanted to go as well. So I said what the heck, I'll take 'em both.

Of course bringing two little girls (3yrs and 5 yrs old) and expecting them to sit still on a predator stand was going to have it's challenges, so I made sure they had warm clothes, beanies, earmuffs, and sat them on a pillow and put a green blanket over them to mask as much movement as possible. That is also why I was targeting fox, they just seem easier to call in and they usually come in all the way and even if they see you they often times hang around anyway. I figured they were my best chance at success, plus I've been trying to kill a fox since I've started calling 6 years ago. I believe they are the easiest predator to call and kill but I have not been able to seal the dead. I've passed on a few while calling for bears, I've missed a few, I've been on stand where someone else has killed fox numerous times, but the "elusive" grey fox has eluded me...

Picture of the two cutest fox hunters around:

Well we made 3 stands this afternoon, nothing doing on the first two but at the 25 minute mark on the last stand, when I was just about to call it, I hear my daughter whisper "there's one!" and I saw a fox coming in. I let him circle around, partly for a closer shot and partly to let the girls watch him. When a shot too good to pass up came along I dropped him with some #4 buckshot and we bagged our first fox, on the girls first hunting trip, and drew first blood with the new Foxpro. The girls got a pretty big kick out of it, they were very excited. Almost as excited as me.

Got him skinned and in the freezer, very nice pelt on this one. Man I've been wanting a fox pelt!
Dude thats a GREAT story!!! Good on you dad for making it happen!
Excellent that your daughter whispered. Most young'uns would have blown it with the excitement factor. Love the 'thumbs up' pic too!
Haha nice if only all children were raised this way the world would be a whole lot better!
Keep it up
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