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developing load data for lighter bullets?

Discussion in 'Handloading and Reloading' started by feets, May 1, 2008.

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  1. feets

    feets Member

    Apr 26, 2008
    I've been tinkering with loads for the 460 S&W. I've got load data from Accurate and Hodgdon/IMR/Winchester but none of them have light bullet loads.
    I'd like to send a few 185 grain XTPs and TMJ through the Encore but can't find any load data on these bullets.

    I have data for the 200 grain Barnes showing 45 to 46.5 gr of H110 running from 38,500 psi to 42,900 psi.

    Hodgdon lists 225 grain Barnes loads ranging from 39.0 to 42.0 of H110 showing pressures of 39,400 to 51,800 psi.

    SAAMI maximum pressure is 63,000 psi so there should be a comfy middle ground with the lighter bulets.
    I'm an experienced reloader but never tried to develop a load from scratch.

    Looking at the 454 Casull (same diameter but shorter 1.383" case vs 1.8" for the 460) I see 225 grain loads running from 35.0 to 37.0 of H110 but no pressure data.
    Strangely enough, the book lists the same 35 to 37 load of H110 for the 260 grain bullet.

    Where's a good place to start? This is a far cry from dumping 8 grains of Universal for my 45 LC.
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