Dillon 550B alignment tool (ram replacement)

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Sep 14, 2007
Hi guys,

I made a boo-boo on threading in the shell plate bolt, stripped out the Ram mount bore threading(main shaft). So I called dillon and got a new shaft, 70 bones and some shipping. Decided to strip the machine down and punch out the pins, and gave her a real good grease job. Wow, It sure is smooth, I'm not even sure it was this good when new. My memory says its 14 years old. Cool beans. Anyway.

I also had them send the alignment tool. Problem is in my excitement I misplaced the instructions on the alignment tool.

Anyone have one handy to scan in or write a paragraph or two on how to use the alignment tool?

Thanks, and take care,
Dillon alignment tool instructions for RL 450/500

[/URL][/IMG] Been a while since i did my RL 450, but heres what i posted.
The Dillon Alignment Tool is in the form of a pin. You place the powder die in station one and drop the pin in. With the shell plate off and the shell platform bolts loose. You take the ram up and down until it will slip in and out of the shell platform plate hole without moving the pin. Then you snug the bolts up and make sure you still have proper alignment. Then tighten the screws up and reinstall your shell plate and move your powder die back. The priming unit will need adjustment also. You will, of course have to reset your decap/resizing die, so you have proper alignment of the die when locking it down.
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May I ask why you didn't just send it back to Dillon? They have a lifetime warranty.
Don't remember having one of these with mine. What is it used for? Is it only if you take the machine all the way apart?
Don't remember having one of these with mine. What is it used for? Is it only if you take the machine all the way apart?

It's used after you unbolt the shell plate from the top of the ram, for instance during major maintenance. When the shell plate is removed, it looses its alignment to the dies. Thus, the cartridge cases loose their alignment to the dies.

If you are seeing your cases shift slightly as the ram raises into the dies, or if your cases have trouble entering the dies, then you might need this alignment.
Of course, you can ask, and I will gladly tell you why I didn't send it to Dillon.

#1, the sheer act to dismantle all components even off my support structures would be a major <bleep>.

#2, Shipping cost would be a factor for something large and awkward, finding a box, difficult.

#3, I am cheap, hence why I reload, and I have to admit, and it was "my" mistake, I cross threaded the bolt against the threading, and then I tried to re-tap/straighten the threading in the hole, which didn't work out so well with a tap, ;(. It was the right thing to do to and pay for it. I have one of those guilty minds, it would bother me if I called and said, "I screwed up, send me a part for free".

all is well however, the press runs better than I can remember, and I am only out 70 bucks with a touch of humility amount because I screwed up. ;) And I have 2 cool new tools from Dillon, the "Dillon Punch (Like a huge nail that was stripped of its pierce point)" and the "alignment tool". Both of which I can't find in the online section to purchase. :>

I have to add, My old man once told me, "What one man can do, another can duplicate". He was right, I always like to "do it myself". This way I only have one person to blame if it goes belly up, assuming the parts are quality. :)
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