Do any of you give names to your firearms?

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Loosely named...

I'm not really into calling my guns anything special, but some terms came to mind with them at one time......

The Sig P-239 (sold and gone) was loosely called "Beloved" as it was my first big-bore piece. Nice little carry gun but the grip was way too short.

Followed quickly by the Sig P-229 aptly called "Big Brother." Never refer to it as that, of course, but that was the term that came to mind when it arrived. I still have "Big Brother" as a carry piece. :evil:

Followed by the Kimber Stainless Target with no particular name... but an appelation was applied by a friend that made sense: "Dances with Kimbers." ;)

The Ruger Mark II Gov. Model needs no name. Its accuracy and performance speak for itself. :cool:
Wes, you already know a few of mine. I try to name all my guns. No reason, just for fun. Still a few that are waiting to be named. Here are a few examples.

SAR 1 AK = Soochka (not sure on the spelling, supposed to mean "little bitch" in russian
Bushmaster AR15 M4 = G.I. Joe
XD-9 = The Croatian Sensation
Makarov = Nikoli
Makarov = Svetlana
The Infamous Pair...

Perhaps a matched set of blasters named "Boris and Natasha" would be in order...? :D

Cyka (pronounced SOO'-kuh) does mean 'bitch' in Russian. The additional particle (-ch-) is a form of affectionate/diminutive and would likely, yes, mean "little bitch" as you say.
To answer the question: No, I don't name my guns. I dunno if I'm repeating this story here or not, but here goes....

My maternal grandfather kept a .410 single-shot shottie along with some loose shells in a drawer in their kitchen. It was on a pistol grip, and the whole thing couldn't have been more than 14" long. Occassionally, a very arthritic great-uncle would keep it with him in the truck while everyone else went pheasant hunting, but primarily it was a HD gun. And it was named "Little Brother". My grandfather would tell my grandmother "Honey, if some ni**er comes in the back door, you just grab 'Little Brother' and let him have it." [Please, no flames. These are his words, not mine. I'm sure I'm not the only one here who has ancestors who thought differently than we do today.]

So 'Little Brother' passes to my Mom and Dad, although by then it was in a very nice oak case lined with deerskin. My Dad makes a call one day from a pay phone to the ATF, asking about the legality of this kind of gun, and they tell him something to the effect of "Sure...Bring it in and we'll look at it." Dad's no idiot, so it never went into the ATF, or anyone else.

Mom and Dad divorce, and the gun (rightfully) goes to Mom. Mom got a little nutty, IMO, after the divorce. She did end up in a relationship with a fairly nice guy, but her nuttiness, especially when dealing with my kids, began to become a sore point. After she had 6 burglaries in about as many months (she'd been staying at her beau's house alot), she sold her house, sold off most of her stuff, and moved in with her beau.

And she gave away 'Little Brother'.:fire:

I spoke to her about it, and acknowledged the differences we were having, but asked that she find a way to get 'Little Brother' back into the family. I was obviously interested, and my only sibling has no interest in firearms, but Mom has a brother who's kids might appreciate something from their grandfather. As I saw it (and still do) 'Little Brother' was the definition of a family heirloom, and it deserved to stay in the family somewhere. Now it is gone forever.

Mom and I have been completely estranged for a number of years now--lots of reasons. I don't miss her looniness a bit, and the crap she gave Mrs. AZLib was unforgivable. But the loss of 'Little Brother' still hurts.
Names for inanimate objects

Talking to machinery, naming inanimate things, is callled anthropomorphism by psychologists. It is a pitiful attempt to make an inanimate, unresponsive, unyielding THING, have a consciousness, and respond to your pleas, and do your bidding. FOOEY!!!!!

I name any piece of equipment for which an appropriate name occurs to me. Talk to the important ones all the time. Threaten copiers at work ("Hey, did you see that recycle truck just go past? Ya wanna be on the next load to the smelter? Don't give me any more of that "Paper jam in location 6" s**t, buster!)

Usually it takes a while and sometimes a name never comes for a particular item. I have 3 cars right now, 2 with no name and one that is Piff/Puff because we can't figure out if it is a male car or a female. So it gets a ying/yang name.

I have named some of my bicycles.

My sporterized .30-'06 MOA Springfield is Old Reliable. Obviously. My new Savage M12BVSS in .300WSM MAY become New Reliable; the jury's still out.

But the Mossberg 500, and my kid's, are just The Mossbergs.

Come to think of it, I have never named a target gun, although necessarily each one has gotten more use in its turn than any other of my guns. Never named a fishing rod, either, nor my fishing boat. I think I will NOT bring any of this to the attention of a psychologist...
Do any of you name your guns? Are the names just cool sounding names or is there a story behind the name?
I have names for a few of mine:

1. an FAL named Mojo.
2. a 1911 named Roscoe.
3. an AR15 named Major Bling Bling

Guns that have names seem to take on a personality more so ( to me, anyway) than ones that don't. However, the guns I own with no names still are like my "chilluns" - very loved.
john l.
I don't name my guns but I do have a gun with a name. I took a friend shooting my brand new Weatherby Mark V in .300wea. We had both never shot anything as loud and powerful with that huge muzzle flash before. He named it THOR, as in Hammer of THOR, and the name just stuck. That is what I call it now.
If anyone has any suggestions about the new glock 27 I picked up on Friday, I'd be more than willing to listen to them...

"Glocky-Poo" has just got to go.

Well, I'm thinking about one for my FEG Hi Power... I want to name them both, but I kind of view naming guns like naming ships. If you misname a ship (or rename one, meaning that it had an incorrect name to begin with), it is BAD, BAD LUCK.

Anyway, I've been thinking about naming my HP "Lucky 13," since I am getting quite fond of it, and the world-famous capacity for Hi Powers is 13 rounds. 13 is generally considered an unlucky number, but I figure that's only if your standing on the other end of it. :D

On the other hand, I never use 13-round mags in the gun, so it may be somthing of a misnomer. And additionally, the HP that I truly have feelings for, and I do use 13-rounders with, is my Browning MkIII.

Should I name my Browning "Lucky 13" instead? I think it's more fitting...

I guess I'm rambling :eek: , but if anyone has an opinion, please let me hear it. :D

several of mine are named

Remington 870 lovingly referred to as BOOMSTICK, circa army of darknes

Remington model 700 in 7mm STW titled (with elmer fudd dialect) ewk swaya

havn't named the rest yet, if anyone has a good AK-47 name, i'd love to hear it.
All my guns came with names...

The Springfield
The Colt
The P13, P15, P16 etc

Edited to add: out of all of the shotguns, the old tried and true 870 has earned the nickname of "The Gauge"

I call my PPK "Walter".

Funny story- We were in an ugly area of Boston, and were amid people that did not like us there. My wife, who does not like guns (ok, flat out HATES them) looked at me and said "I hope that you have your Friend Walter with you!". It was a proud day.
Thanks for all of the responses. Pax and 12 Volt, you've both got the name game down to an art.

12 Volt, at the next little shoot we have I'll run a few ideas for mine past you... maybe you can help with suggestions too.

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