Do you own a Glock?

Do you own a Glock?

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I've owned four since 1990 and currently have two, a G30 and G36. I first shot one in 1985, a gun that a military attache brought back from Austria to his country, which was my overseas post at the time. I remember that if felt like shooting real bullets with a rubber gun, which it was. RIP Gaston.
no but i have a tape measure, does that count? it has spring steel inner mechanism, hi impact plastic housing, rubber outer grip area, and a alloy steel tip.
...1911 fanboy absolutely no disrespect to law enforcement who carry one in their activities.
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My first Glock is a gen 3 26 with the frying pan finish. Ten years later I got a 48, and carried it for several years. I own the ubiquitous 19 (actually a pair of gen 5s) and a few others. Modern history has spoken and these are great weapons.

I place Gaston Glock (R.I.P) among great inventors for out of the box thinking and brilliant marketing. But I still hold Browning at a higher plane for the range of his inventiveness and for extracting every ounce of performance from early 20th century manufacturing and materials.
I agree JMB was much more successful as a firearms inventor.

I have zero love for GG the man. I don’t know the full story about his family, but what I do read is that he wrote his ex-wife and kids out of most if not all of any inheritance. Not sure about the wife, but the kids? That is something I have zero respect for.

But the career, I cannot deny…the guy wasn’t even a gun guy. He was a plastics guy who was asked to build a prototype for submission to the Austrian army when they were looking for a new pistol. His extremely simple design was quite revolutionary. I read that when he test fired his prototypes, he used his left hand because he didn’t want to lose full functionality with his dominant right hand. LOL! I think I’d have hired a bum off the street for $10 a trigger pull! (KIDDING!!!!)

Anyway, I am a fan of the design. And not that they are open source, the clones are pretty good too!
A little side story. There is a guy at work that we have both talked gun stuff together. One day he asked if I had a Glock. I told him no, that I haven't even shot one. He's like, you have never shot one. Man, you haven't shot a gun until you have shot a Glock. What an odd thing to say.
I thought, what are all those over 2 dozen things with barrels that I have. ;)
I currently have 4 of the double stack iteration, and recently sold the G48. (I”ll probably roll that money into a Gen5 G26.) After all these years of a Glock feeling a certain way, the slimline ones just don’t. I don’t have very big hands, but sometimes think my hand has conformed to hold a Glock. Kinda like those earlobes you see with what looks like a dinner plate inside them instead of just an earring.
I've never owned a Glock, they never fit me well. However, I do own a clone (Shadow Systems MR920) and like it. I also have a good friend that is a big Glock fan and has carried a G19 for many years.
Last summer my son and a buddy of mine were both looking for their next carry gun and were renting a bunch of different options to try out. The range didn't have a G43 so they rented a G44 (22lr) and I must day, I really liked that little gun! Might have to pick one up soon.
G 29 and G 20 for me. Like has been said already- they just work. They are one of a few brands that I’d feel comfortable having as my only firearm and trust it would hold up fine for weekly practice and regular carry duties without feeling like I want a spare backup firearm. (I’d do it anyway - one is none, yadda yadda).
Parts are relatively cheap and ubiquitous.
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I don't own any Glock's, and have never owned a Glock. My big gun buying phase was before Glock's became common place in the US. I suspect if I were 20 years younger, I probably would have started my gun buying with a Glock, and probably would have a few.

I don't have anything against Glock's. I think they are a quality product, and a good option, but I just haven't had a real need for one. That doesn't mean I'll never own a Glock, I've been tempted a few times by a G17 or G34, but so far I haven't made the jump.
Glock makes a nice affordable field knife/bayonet, so I guess technically I own a Glock. Glock handguns don't appeal to me.

I HAD two.... lost both. Lost one in the blue ridge mountains digging ginseng with it. The other in a move (is probably "here" but easier to buy one then find it)

I have a 17. It's Gen 4. It'll be the only one for me but I have to say it's perfection.
Was he on on par with John Browning? I don't think so.
Did he make an unerasable, indelible mark on modern pistols? Unequivocally yes.

He is nothing close to Browning. Glock was a manufacturing genius who simplified and mass produced a gun. Nothing particularly "original"

Browning was making guns from scratch. Never before seen things. Pretty much had a hand in every design we know. And some bad ones like the 1887 shotgun and questionable ones like the potato digger. Lol. His manufacturing prowess was FAR less than Glock. He licensed and sold all his designs and made about 1/100000 of what he would have if he had made them simpler and on his own like Gaston.


Typical range day....

I have many Beretta/ Sig/HK/FN etc. Ccw is a Glock 27. Bedside is a Glock 22. Hunting has been 50% Glock 20s for 20 years. And the past year 75% of my rinfire shooting has been the Glock 44.... not the Gp100. Not the 610. Not the victory or 22/45 nor neos nor 422.....another Glock. Lol

I believe the only Glock I ever paid full price for was one 20 and a 44. My 22s were all trade in. Both my 27s were used (one trade in) my 17 RTf was clearance. The 29 was cheap....other than the one 20 I haven't paid over 400 for any and most were 250-300.

I have 50 or so mags I bought trade in for 5 dollars. New springs and baseplates for those. Under 10 a mag all said.

I've spent 250 on Glocks while I've seen people spend that on garbage like Lorcin, Bersa, RG, Daewoo, Skyy etc etc. You can't get a p89 Ruger for 300 bucks today. Lol
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