Does thumb safety of m&p's affect trigger pull

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Mar 14, 2011
Webbville, KY
I was just wondering if the thumb safety on the m&p's changed the trigger pull or if it was just like the ones without a safety?
I owned a M&P 45 with the safety briefly. Sounded like a good idea in theory, but didn't work well in practice. I thought it would be a good idea for me because I'm used to the 1911, but the safety lever is not nearly as well designed the ones I'm used to on my 1911's. It would move from safe, to fire with VERY little effort. I very often found it either "on safe", or "off safe" when I had left it the other way. Sold it and decided I just liked the Glock and 1911 better anyway.
I have had the 9c with the thumb safety for 2-3 yrs now.

I have taken apart enough that I can say that I dont see how it could impact the trigger feel.

There are ways to make the safety have a more firm engagment that are simple and free.

I thought I would want to firm it up more but I havent had the need to.

I cant comment on the mag safety as mine doesnt have one. I actually would like a mag safety because I would like to have the same set up as my BHP which also has a mag safety.... and I prefer to have it in general.

(Lets hope we can stay on topic and that some dont start flaming in regards to thumb and mag safety, its a circular arguement with pros and cons for either)
Hilton Yam has been shooting a M&P9 (to rest his wrist and elbows) with a thumbsafety and says it really helps his transition from his his thumb something to do and somewhere to rest.

The Magazine Safety does not affect the trigger pull other than to disengage it when the magazine is removed
glockky said:
Does thumb safety of m&p's affect trigger pull?
Not at all, as the thumb safety bar in no way hinder the movement of the trigger bar unless it is engaged (see pictures #1 and #2). When engaged, the safety simply blocks rearward movement (picture #3).

#1 - The white arrow shows safety in down position, below the trigger bar.

#2 - With the trigger pulled back (and safety in down position), the white arrow shows safety below the trigger bar without making any contact.

#3 - With the safety in the up position, red arrowshows blocking of trigger bar.


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CZF said:
Does the mag safety affect the trigger pull?
No. The magazine safety lever (red arrow) simply moves the trigger bar towards the center of the pistol frame so the angled part of the trigger bar (yellow "B") could engage the sear (blue "C"). The mag safety does not affect the trigger pull.

This is the trigger bar with the angled part of the trigger bar (yellow arrow) with 45 degrees slant (picture taken from top of sear looking down, so you can't see the angled slant).

This shows the frame with the mag safety disengaged in the down position (red arrow). Note that the trigger bar (yellow "A") is close to the frame and angled part of the trigger bar (yellow "B") is not in line with the contact point of the sear (blue "C"). Without the magazine, pulling the trigger will result with the angled part of the trigger bar (yellow "B") simply sliding past the sear (blue "C") without engaging it.

This shows the magazine inserted in the frame with mag safety engaged in the up position (red arrow). Note that the trigger bar (yellow "A") has moved away from the frame and the angled part of the trigger bar (yellow "B") is now in line with the contact point of the sear (blue "C"). M&P models without the mag safety/disconnect lever will always have the trigger bar in this position so any pull on the trigger will engage the sear.

This shows the trigger pulled back and the slant part of the trigger bar (yellow "B") engaging/sliding below the contact part of the sear (blue "C"). When the trigger is pulled all the way back, rear hump of the sear (green "D") will rotate down releasing the spring tensioned striker. Unlike the Glock trigger which pulls further back on the striker with the movement of the trigger bar before the release (partial double action trigger), M&P trigger simply releases the striker (like single action trigger) and I think this is the main reason why M&P triggers can be better "tuned" for cleaner "single action-like" striker release.


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Apocalypse-Now said:
no. the m&p's trigger pull is awful with or without it.
The OP's question was whether the frame mounted safety affected trigger pull compared to models without the safety. :D CZF's question was also whether mag safety affected trigger pull. The answer is no to both. :neener:

As to your comments about factory M&P trigger pull being awful, I am with you. :eek:

Factory M&P45 trigger of 7+ lbs was a bit much for me. I bought my M&P45 with the notion that a trigger job would be done soon after the purchase. I used the pdf listed on Burwell's website to do the trigger/polish job on my M&P45 and the trigger pull is now about 4 lbs that is smooth and clean which allows for smaller shot groups and faster double taps. I also recommend APEX Tactical M&P trigger parts/kits if you want to improve your M&P trigger pull.
I didn't find my original trigger pull on my M&P that bad. From the factory it was 5.5 lbs (had it measured at a match). Had a little take up and a weak reset, but it broke clean.

With some Apex parts I'm now at a smooth 2.5lbs. Same amount of take-up but an even crisper break and a MUCH better reset. It ain't a 1911, but I'd stack it up against almost any other polymer duty-gun at this point.
My MP9c trigger is fine too.

BDS, great pics.
Would you happen to know if a Mag Safety could be ADDED to the MP9c with thumb safety but no mag safety?
danez71 said:
BDS, great pics.
Would you happen to know if a Mag Safety could be ADDED to the MP9c with thumb safety but no mag safety?

As to modifying any safeties on firearm, the usual disclaimer would apply - I don't recommend it and would suggest contacting the manufacturer. ;)

With that said, here is Dan Burwell's website link on how to remove M&P mag disconnect -

As you can see from Burwell's website link, to add the mag disconnect you would need two additional parts (disconnect lever and spring). Not sure where you can buy just the parts but I would recommend you call S&W customer service to see if you can obtain them.

I dont think I would do anytime soon as its my carry and dont want it mess with and if I did Id need to address the fact that mine has the warning text on the slide and I wouldnt accept it having a false warning engraved on it.
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