Dream revolver

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Aug 4, 2008
western Kentucky
If any gun maker ask you to design your dream revolver. What would it be? Refining their designs is O.K. Who would want or have a use for it? Give it a name.
#1 A old model vaquero with a swing out cylinder in 4 5/8, 5 1/2, and 7 1/2 with lanyard hook.
Anyone who rides horses and needs a solid self defence gun. (a single revolvers are the safest for horse back.)
The Horseman

#2 A lemat revolver firing smokless cartridges. all 10 of them
Mine pretty much all exist. In no particular order:

A USFA Flat-Top Target in .44 Special

A Ruger Redhawk done up in 1917 livery and chambered for .50 AE (available from Hamilton Bowen)

A 1950 S&W in .44 Special

A 1926 S&W in .44 Special

All but the Ruger with ivory grips, of course.

I either can't afford any of these at the moment, or essentially cannot get them here in California. But it's fun to dream.
A 3" round butt S&W 581 without the underlug, like the model 58, 5 shot in either 44 spec & 41 mag(might have to be 41 spec) and six shot in 357 mag.
the only thing I would do to this would be to add a gold bead front sight.
A double action in .454 Casull in a size smaller than Ruger SR and larger than the SR alaskan.

Slightly larger than an N-frame, slightly smaller than an X-frame.

Blued, six shot.

From what I've been told, just such a revolver was in the works. That was until the guy in charge of the program got sent to a different apartment and the "shortened X-frame" got shelved.

Someday, someday, someone will make a packable, shootable .454 revolver...
Maybe a mid-sized Freedom Arms DA target, competition or SD revolver in .38, .357 or .45acp. They can call it whatever they want.
I'd like to see a beefed up Ruger Black Hawk (Hunter model) in 480 Ruger in two barrel lengths.

My second suggestion would be a Ruger GP100 in 22LR and 10 shot cylinder. The extra shots in the cylinder (over six) is to reduce weight. It must have a good smooth trigger!
A modernized version of a break-open .45 Colt. Russia did it with a .357, we can do it with the .45 Colt.
3" GP-100 in .44spl, 5-shot.

S&W 627 with full underlug and round barrel. No slab sided silliness.

Resurrect the .357 mag redhawk.

Change the redhawk frame to a stubby grip like on the SRH, and GP. That way you can have a fully enclosed backstrap, and all the same grips available as you have for the GP and SRH.
A blued full lug 6" gp100, cut back to 4 5/8" barrel length, and converted to a 5 shot 41 mag. Tuned by Mr. Hamilton Bowen. With some tasteful engraving, and a nice custom carry rig with some exotic leather accents.

That'd do it for me.
A stainless steel, no lock, one piece barrel S&W Model 58 with a three inch barrel....and, a gift certificate for 1000 rounds of 210 GR Lead semi-wadcutters loaded to about 1000 FPS would be nice.
#2 A lemat revolver firing smokless cartridges. all 10 of them
That would be cool.

A Colt Trooper or Colt 357 would be fun to have, as well.

Or, redo the Mateba, or make something similar that doesn't need a slide, so that it's just an awesome revolver with the bottom chamber lined up with the barrel.
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