Ever get hosed on a used gun?

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Used? Not abused!

The best guns I have ever bought have been used. I have inspected some real clunkers however. It has been my experience that if you are looking at a piece that has some time on it, (5+years) and is in good, clean condition, you are pretty safe in buying it. I recently bought a 15 year old Beretta 84F in 95% condition, and it runs better than my 1 year old Taurus 92FS bought new! My Beretta 92, bought used, has been a wonderful performer. I am not sure that I will buy new again.
some guns floating around in the used market ... belong in the scrap pile

I got one as a gift. It never worked right and it probably never will, but it's the thought that counts.
I doubt I'll ever buy a used gun because of this one gun, that should never have crossed the counter of that pawn shop.
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Got hosed once, my own ignorance. I got a Sistema 1911 and a Glock 19 gen. 1. Well used. Guy gave them to me for my brand-new Stag Arms M4. The Sistema might be worth $300 and the Glock might have been worth $300, but I paid $800 for the rifle, right before the EBRs went through the roof.

And the Glock would NOT shoot to point of aim, and the Sistema's safety was actually broken.
Used revolvers with timing and headspace issues. I bought a really good one 2 years ago, I went over it real good before putting down my $$$.
4 come to mind, all of them Internet purchases.

An SVT-40 about which I specifically asked about the condition of the bore (along with many other specific questions). I was told that the bore was not corroded when, in fact, it is heavily pitted. The fellow would not do a return/refund and he was immediately nasty (he was quite pleasant in my earlier dealings) which suggested to me that he is simply a dishonorable person. That occurred several years ago and, by now, the true value of the rifle probably exceeds what I paid.

Another SVT-40 that, purportedly, sported a bore that was not corroded ... which turned out to have heavy pitting. I ended up convinced that this fellow was one of those folks that just didn't have a really good understanding of firearms and incorrectly responded to my question rather than ask me about it. He rebated some of the money that I paid to match the true condition of the rifle and we were both satisfied with the transaction.

Twice I received 03-A3s that had been recreated from drill rifles. One looked quite dangerous to me since the barrel that had been weld cut had been rewelded ... below is a pic of that.


I was very lucky and received full refunds plus shipping both ways from both of these folks.
Not hosed...but the OLD Marlin 99 that was a pawn-shop rescue had trouble running more than 4 or 5 rounds without some sort of jam. Any ammo from Dud-erbolts through CCI min-mags.

After i got the action out of the stock and swished it aorund in some Min-Spir, works like a champ
I bought a S & W 645 a while back from a "kitchen table" FFL. He advertises as that exact thing.

I don't believe it was his fault, but the gun consistently shot low and left. Other people tried it with the same results. Different ammo only moved it by small amounts.

Gunsmith friend of mine says "barrel is shot out" or words to that effect. Had him replace the barrel, and it shoots pretty well now.

I'm stuck with it now, since I have more in it than it's worth. :rolleyes:

Live and learn. I won't buy a S & W semiauto, since I was burned previously by a Model 59 jamomatic.
Never buy a used gun unless you disassemble and inspect it first. You need to know what to look for.

I buy used guns occasionally from a good local pawn shop. If the gun is defective they will exchange it as long as it hasn't been more than like 90 days.

I trust them and they know I am a good customer so it works out fine.

I am always wary of advice to get a used S&W rather than say a Hi-Point.

There are a lot of good deals in the surplus market and on police trade ins. There are also a lot of good new budget guns that have a full warranty:

I can't say that I will never buy a used gun online, but I so far used guns have found me FTF. I like to work the action, look at the barrel, study it...... I have looked at guns and things just dont look right, or you can tell they were not taken care of.....

There are lots of good used guns out there.
I've bought lots of used guns on-line; never been hosed. Worst case was a beautiful (to the eye) Savage 24 .22mag/20gauge combo. The .22mag barrel functioned fine, but the shotgun barrel would fire less than 50% of the time. Took me a couple of months, some "new" (used) parts, and a lot of tinkering to figure out what the problem was, but I did finally, and now the gun is 100% reliable and has become a favorite. My rule since has been ask lots of questions, ask for good pictures, and ask more questions. At this point, I prefer used to new guns. As they say, "It's the hunt!"
I have an Ohio Rapid Fire Galil. I sent it off a couple of weeks ago to get it fixed after screwing with it over a year. Told the guy to take his time and if it was too much aggravation to just part it out. The gun has a 440 steel receiver so he thinks it can be fixed. Every day I don't see that POS in the toy room is a good one. Other one is a Red Rock Arms FAL. It took a few months but I finally got it to work. I inspected them both and disassembled them but its hard to test fire one at a gun show. The FAL looked new, reason was it wouldn't shoot.
The Galil had headspace and feed ramp problems.
Traded for a Colt 1991 at a gun show, from a supposedly honest dealer. I didn't break the nylon seal until I got home, asuming the gun was new. When I did, I discovered the barrel had six holes drilled in it. Somebody's botched attempt at porting, so they just swapped the barrel and traded the gun.

At least he gave me a good trade on my jam-o-matic AMT Backup .380. ;)

I posted the situation on 1911Forum and a gunsmith (Mike?) out of Oregon or Washington offered me a take-off Colt barrel at a reasonable price. Swapped the barrel out and built my son a pretty decent IPSC Limited gun that he still has.
I've never had a problem with used guns. New guns are a different story... I bought a brand new Saiga 12 ($250!) when they first came around and it wouldn't cycle a round without stovepiping. I tried every gas setting, every kind of shell imaginable, 2 gunsmiths, and it was for all intents and purposes a single shot. Bought a brand new Ruger MkIII when they came out and it had the same problem, wouldn't reliably cycle anything I put in it. Bought a new Marlin .30-.30 lever action that I shot 5 rounds through before the lever broke on me. Bought a brand new Browning BDA .380 as my first handgun, within a few weeks the finish came off it and it rusted beyond recognition all along the backstrap and shortly thereafter it began to have slide problems and wouldn't eject. I have really bad luck with guns...
Had a new in the box S&W Mod 60 lock up part way through the fifth cylinder. Action was full of metal shavings from the milling process--good cleaning and it worked fine. The smallest hand held group I have ever shot(5 shots 25 yards/.75 inch) was with this gun. My Davis PPC gun would "only"do 1 inch.
Once, bought online on 24 hour campfire. A 629 with ported barrel, loose as a goose.
Not sure if you can call it hosed, but I bought an XD 9mm subcompact FTF through an online ad. I actually demanded a bill of sale, but I did not check if all serial numbers matched. Turned out the slide and barrel were numbered different with frame. Called SA and was told lifetime warranty is valid even if serial numbers don't match. Still, I think I got a "parts" gun.
Fellas. I understand the idea here, and can agree that bad deals happen. However, two issues immediately come to my attention: 1) unprofessional language "dirtbag" and 2) degrading discussion of some other" forum. Either of these is considered conduct unbecoming a "THR" member. It just isn't high road.

Are you joking???

If Dirtbag fits, then it's appropriate.
Second, I'm no professional firearms guy, and
Third , no one was denigrating other forums.

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I never got a bad deal so far, knock on wood.

I follow some simple rules that probably saved me from getting hosed

1) I never buy anything over the internet, unless is a very simple not mechanical part...something like stock replacement, a rear sight or a magazine.

2) Extension of rule #1, I never buy anything I cannot physically put my hands on first.

3) I always carry a bore light in my car, some simple tools (set of screwdrivers, pliers, etc..) a can of spray Remington oil, a magnifying glass and a blue book of gun values in case I find a gun it interest me (let's say stopping to a gun shop coming from work, etc...)

4) If the guy/shop clerk does not let me inspect the gun (taking it apart similarly to when you have to clean it) I walk away...I can spend even one hour inspecting a firearm I want to buy... I take my time.

5) I try to avoid buying on the spur of the moment...I research extensively the gun I want to buy first for well known weak spots, some particular batch/series/years to avoid etc...

6) Never overpay for a firearm, no matter how much I want it...the right one at the right price will come your way if you keep looking

7) I always try to negotiate, whenever is possible, the possibility of a return, let's say 3-7 days max, if the gun malfunction.

8) I'm flexible and not anal.....an "everyday gun" type of person.....few blemishes in the wood, some bluing worn off don't bother me....if the price is right.

I take the first statement back....I got shafted once....I bought a EAA Witness 10 mm, brand new, without researching it....trusting the fact it was new and the Tanfoglio reputation ...never again....I traded that lemon after few months for a beautiful S&W Mod 29...
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Bought a Marlin 60 an old one about 20 years ago. Every time i took it out i always had jams. Last time i took it out i had FTF's. Upon closer look. it pretty much needs all the internals replaced. pulling the trigger wont even put a mark on the cartridges. The model i have pretty much is a better wall hanger than a shooter. Only good part was it was the longer one with the longer magazine.
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