Example of bad training.

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Oct 27, 2004
Central Ohio
Anyone see this video yet?


Other examples of bad training in the guy's channel. He's going to fool around and kill someone.
It is because of guys like him we have to work harder to educate and show the tactikool
what real training is.
Vigilantespectre and his friends need to lose some weight, spend more on training than equipment, and put the camera up.
I do not know what he was firing and do not need to but this all seemed dangerous to me, but not being there what the heck do I know.
This video does not demonstrate any sort of "training" whatsoever. Anyone who looks at it expecting to be "trained" is being sadly misled. This sort of thing is why I and others here keep harping on finding competent trainers (teachers, instructors or whatever you care to call them) and even (gasp) PAYING for training. Any professional trainer is going to emphasize safety first and foremost, and concern with safety SHOULD be a knee-jerk reaction.

What is depicted in this video is not training, it's a Bank of Bad Habits. This is Klown Kollege with potentially lethal results. Despite the supposed "disclaimer" below, which is posted with the video, along with other similar statements:

Published on Apr 27, 2012 by VigilantSpectre
Ok now that I have your attention, and you concerned about the safety of the video. Don't you think I could have easily edited the section in question out? It was left in the video for a reason. What this instance represents is a challenge of the status quo on firearms safety. Some Libtarded protectionist put it into your head that a modern single action firearm in condition 2 can discharge by itself. Furthermore after the mag and breach are clear it become a really fancy metal pipe. The rules are great when applied to a truly hot weapon, but it is situation specific. Adequate time was allowed for a squib or hang to clear.

Think objectively about the situation, if you break it down it is completely safe as long as you get past the knee-jerk reaction that your dad taught you.

An excerpt from our safety code usually for Our eyes only; however, here I think it is appropriate:

Here at the VigilantSpectre Channel we operate all drills with the understanding that the camera man is responsible for his own safety. Yes, muzzle awareness is key to a safe day and the responsibility of the shooter. Usually this is done by orienting the drill away from staging areas and locking down weapon systems when not in use. This being said, if the camera man feels comfortable and safe he is at liberty to enter the shooter's workspace. When in the shooter's workspace he (the camera man) has entered an area that is inherently unsafe, therefore, constant visual or audible communication must be maintained to ensure that both parties understand that this activity is going to occur. Nothing formal need be derived and....

It isn't comedy, it's DANGEROUS.

And we are not going to generate traffic for it.
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