Favorite deer stand

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Mine's an old $90 Cabela's aluminum climber. Any pine tree or straight oak makes it a versatile stand depending on wind direction. I've killed over 50 deer from it.
This one is my favorite right now. Sits at the intersection of a stand of hardwoods, a cutdown, pines, and a field.
Last year we saw black bears, fox squirrels, gray foxes, and a bunch of whitetail deer.
The biggest thing is that my 12 yr old killed his first deer, a nice 8pt, from this stand last year, and we spent a lot of time together.


Several years ago we began building two person platforms, needed something for an adult and youngster plus a place for all the gear for two. Found that mature oaks with heavy forked trunks work the best. Stands are 20' off the ground and use a lag bolted steel ladder. Far safer than anything we've found commercially.




My late BIL busted my kiester, said my favorite tree stand was his dining room table, warm no wind, coffee, easy to spot injured deer crossing rt 58 between danville and south Boston VA. He watched me drop him at 205 yds from the kitchen window, wasn't going to take shot from there but my sister opened it up.
Can’t pretend it’s the greatest work of construction out there but it is partially dug into the ground and boy it is stable. The floor inside is about a foot below ground level but doesnt accumulate water. Windows fold up and all cutting "measuring" and assembling was done in field with no more tools than a saw and a drill. Measuring is in quotes because it was basically offhand.
I made this one a couple years ago to go on a hay wagon running gear. We can move it around as the crops change. Most of the time we’re in tree stands but this is nice for the bad weather days. 8D5150E4-5BE3-41CB-9B8D-78A46221D6B2.jpeg
Probably my favorite stand is at my buddies farm. It sits in a giant oak flat with a hickory flat behind it. I took a 125'' 8pt in 2017 out of that stand and a 150'' 12pt out of that stand along with a few doe. Out of 3-4 guys who hunt this property I am the only one to shoot nice bucks from that stand and i'm the new guy. 2019 I threw lead at an absolute beast that was pushing about 170''+ but missed the almost 100yard shot from a hang on with no rest. My buddy has his favorite stand on the other side of the property he has taken a 208'' a 188'' and a few other big deer from. It sits 30ft up in a tree and has a bedding area and funnels all around it.
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