Favorite Fun Factory Ammo

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Dec 17, 2007
Hello everyone out there in THR,

I have been asking so many serious purchase (this model vs. that model etc) questions here that I now desire to hear what your favorite factory Revolver ammo is.

I own a S&W 686+ 4" .357, and will be purchasing a Ruger SBH-Hunter .44Magnum in or around Feb. I usually shoot paper, so I usually end up shooting tame but reliable Remington UMC or my local range has commercially reloaded ammo at a decent price.

That is fine 95% of the time but I'm thinking I would like to pick up a box of Big booming ammo for fun. So the question is what factory ammo have you found to be a fun kick? I am thinking some cor-bon 200 grain for my .357 and something by Buffalo Bore for the .44M?

If you all have any other opinions just let me know. :)

Thank you all in advance,
I'm sure you will get a few different opinions about what ammo will provide you with a big kick and most will be correct. If you want a really BIG kick from store bought ammo I suggest you purchase a box of Grizzly ammo and you will know what kick is all about. The ammo is designed for hunting so you get the maximum velocity and made to hit hard. Their .357 Magnum round uses a 180gr bullet and is reported to travel at 1350 fps. (bullets are Gas Checked Lead) BTW, felt recoil is usually higher with a heavier bullet than with a light one.

Have fun...
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