Favorite Movie Shotgun?

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always had a thing for the Winchester 1897.

here it is in the wild bunch:
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It would almost seem pump-guns were fairly made for Sam Peckinpah!
Killer Elite
The Getaway
The Wild Bunch
Doubles figure strongly in his movies as well.

Honorable mention for me for one of the most balls-to-the-wall (literally for the character) shots from moviedom with Charles Bronson as Albert Johnson tossin' buck from a 1912.

Once again from the finest Sci-Fi movie (and possible the best movie evar!!!) to ever grace the silver screen!

A cut down Ithaca model 37 with a pistol grip in the hands of Corporal Hicks. Even in a future as deadly as Aliens where the bad-guys have molecular acid for blood and the good-guys are armed with caseless 10mm the old Ithaca holds it own.

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The 1887 is flat cool but weighs a ton. 97 trench gun is also cool. Chinese have knocked both off and uncertain if they are as good as originals.
Viggo's double in Appaloosa was actually an 8 gauge; the books make a big deal out of it being it's such a big gun.

The Greener's* from Big Jake have to be my favorites. JW: "Sam, close or far?" Sam: "Close; my eyes, no good."

*They really aren't Greener guns, most likely cheap-o US hammerguns that had been bobbed off in the film co's armorer's shop. They still look neat.

Winchester 1887. Made popular by the Terminator 2 film where Arnold does a one handed flip while on motorcycle. And yes I still want one. Even if it is a knock off and not a real Winchester. When every shotgun around is a pump or semi-auto, a lever action just looks cool to me. I would not be stupid enough to try cocking and firing it with one hand though.
Nor would I, but then we aren't Cyberdine Systems Model 101, are we? Terminator-2-judgement-day.jpg
Only attempt if you are a 400 pound, crazy strong cyborg from the future.:)

That was my favorite movie shotgun as well. It was always magically loaded with slugs too!:cool:
Aluminum barrel was used to make it light enough.
I was always partial to that 3-brrel shotgun pistol that Alice carried in a few of the Resident Evil movies.


It's just oddball enough to have caught my attention.

Or the thrice-barreled pumps from Stargate Atlantis.



Yes- I forgot about that! Made me want one real bad as a broke HS Senior.
I broke my piggy bank, incidentally as HS senior, when The Hitcher featuring SPAS 12 came out. Still have it, lost the folding stock in mid 00's when we moved (ouch...) and should find a replacement. An awful shotgun to shoot, even with the fixed stock, but does it look cool or what.
The Way Of The Gun.
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Love this movie. But face mask in this pic gives 2020 PTSD.
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Looks like an old Mossberg 500. My dad had one just like that. Sling swivel and stock.

Do video games count? If so Metro 2033.

Because I'd love to have a belt fed shotgun. Perfect for when its after the nuclear war apocalypse and you are roaming through the mutant infested tunnels of the Moscow metro.
The SxS Viggo Mortensen carried in Appaloosa. It was an 8 gauge, not a 10 gauge.
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Wanted dead or alive with Rutger Hauer. Shorty pump gun. Terrorist gets his in a cool ending. Really liked the child's car seat gun storage!

Speaking of Rutger Hauer, I actually like the plain Jane 870 Police he uses in the grind house throwback Hobo With A Shotgun.

Its not so much the gun itself, but the fact that this guy has a literal choice to make between using his scraped together cash to make a better life for himself or clean up the streets. Ridiculous movie that would make a Troma flick blush at times, bit has a few tender/emotional moments where he actually elevates the movie a bit. I can't figure out if it is artsy or schlock or both...but I am a sucker for a good pump gun, and the more basic the better :)
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