Shotgun Chokes--Need some schooling

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Feb 9, 2003
Hmm...where to start. I'll try the beginning.

I own and love an Ithaca 37 in 12-gauge that I purchased new on 1/1/2000. I am buying a turkey retro-kit from Ithaca but can't use the choke tube that comes with it because I plan to use Remington Hevi-Shot this year. I am looking for an aftermarket choke tube and Ithaca informs me that the model 37 uses the "Win Choke" thread configuration. When I look at the various Hevi-Shot-specific choke tubes that certain manufactures have been turning out (Rhino, HS Strut, Briley, etc...) they are not marked "Ithaca" or "Win Choke". They are marked with other shotguns with which they are compatable. Here's the big question. Where can I find a difinitve source that will tell me how many different thread configurations there are and what shotguns incorporate those thread configurations? If I am looking for a choke tube on Bass Pro Shops website, what shotguns will be listed that have the same thread configuration as my Ithaca? It doesn't say "Ithaca" and it doesn't say "Win Choke". Right now I am looking at a "Mad Max SuperMax Hevi-Shot® Choke Tube" on Bass Pro's website and it says that it is compatable with "BROWNING/WINCHESTER/MOSSBERG
12 GUAGE". Do these shotguns incorporate the "Win Choke" threading configuration?

Can I find a source that will list ALL of the names of ALL of the thread configurations that are on the market and which makes/models of shotguns incorporate which configuration?
To my knowledge, and I hope somebody corrects me quickly if I am wrong, there's Remchoke, Winchoke, and Truchoke. Those are the major players, and it is generally assumed that if you don't have a Remchoke (Remington shotguns only), you would have a Winchoke. Truchoke is more of a specialty item, usually found in shotguns that have had smithing done to them.

However, this would only apply to American made shotguns. Throw Berettas, Benellis, HK, and the like in the mix, and I'm not sure what planet we might be on.
I believe that there are two different types of chokes for Mossbergs. You have the choke tube system incorporated by the 835 and then I believe the 500 uses something completely different. I searched for a good portion of the afternoon on the internet for a comprehensive list of various choke types and the firearms that incorporate them and I came up with nothing. No offense intended but The High Road is my last apparent option.
The Mossberg other than the 835 uses the Invector choke system, a Browning choke pattern also known by WinChoke. Remington has 2 patterns, sporting and regular, Browning has Invector and Invector +, Mossberg has WinChokes and 835, Beretta and Benelli use a TOTALLY different arrangement than anyone else yet. LOL, confused yet?

But the choke you are looking at on the internet, it is the right one.
HSMITH--If Browning uses "Win-Choke" and Mossberg (other than 835) uses "Invector Choke" then why would the website list the choke tube being offered as compatable with BROWNING/WINCHESTER/MOSSBERG? I'm thinking that the Mossberg 500 uses the Win Choke while the 835 is something completely different.
They are the same thing, the win-choke and invector. One in the same, it is also the choke used in the mossbergs other than the 835.
HSMITH--That's EXACTLY the answer I was looking for. Many thanks to you. I see turkeys cringing in their roosts tonight because of the help that you all have imparted to me.
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