Federal 45 NT

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Aug 19, 2014
Raleigh, NC
And I always thought the NT primers were small, and crimped in place.


All Federal or Winchester NT brass I have seen up to this point have been small, and crimped. This was range pick-up, so I have no idea where it came from.
It was probably purchased at the beginning of the introduction of DDNP priming compound and just didn't get shot until now. Or, it could be one of the new Catalyst Primers.

Hope this helps.

Could very well be.

I thought all Blazzer 45acp had gone to small primers, but the indoor range I go to was selling Blazzer large primer 45acp. I don’t know if they got a bunch of new-old stock from a distributor. No telling how long it has been sitting on a shelf somewhere.
I hate the new small primer trend. I have about 200 of those type cases and I guess eventually I'll load them but it's super annoying to have to check when priming, I don't normally like to sort auto brass by headstamp.
I've enjoyed the spp 45acp brass. No need to change primer setup going from 9mm to 45acp. Lowers my requirement to stock heavily both primer sizes. I'm probably five to one small over large.

I've got about 2k of just blazer 45acp and all of them are spp.

I also concur with the OP that all nt I've had were crimped
Wait until you run across some of the older Winchester and Federal NT large pistol primer pockets with the 1/8" flash hole. Then we'll have a whole new thread to discuss again. If you do a search, there are many, many threads concerning the non-toxic primers and the different iterations during the process of making them work with their faster brisance, etc.

Hope this helps.

I have a bunch of NT’s in 9MM and throw them in the recycle bin. Don’t want to waste time with them since they jam up my Lee Loadmaster.
In all honesty, more of those large primer Federal NT cases may have passed through my hands without knowing it. I generally just separate the large primer brass from the small primer brass, and check the small primer cases for NT headstamps. I don’t normally spend much time inspecting the headstamps of the large primer brass. Somehow, this one caught my eye.
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