Feedback on H&K P30

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Mar 27, 2011
Reno, NV
I've gotten a chance to fire a few handguns (9mm and .40 cal) and so far nothing compares to the comfort ability of the H & K P30. The others That I fired were a S&W 411, Springfield xd, glock subcompact and a nice beretta imported from Italy (p50?). So I've only shot a hand full of pistols but the H&K is a dream compared to the rest. Does anyone have experience with this gun and if so what compares? Also this is the P30 model with a decocker and no safety. Any precautions or problems I should be aware of?

Go to youtube and see Hickok45 channel. He is a glock expert but he liked the P30.

Check it out. Always fun too see Hickok45 slapping steel on his property in Tennessee. He has lots of great videos, great guy and has his head on straight. Clean for the whole family to watch, too!
thanks desert duck I watched him compare it to the sig229. I just realized he's got more videos about the P30 so I'll check them out. I would love to have a range set up like his.
I'm a huge fan of the P30 although i think it should have been made with a higher capacity magazine. Aside from that it is the best gun in it's class. If you like the P30 but want something smaller for concealed carry the HKP2000 SK is a great option.
The P30 does almost everything a Walther P99 AS or a Walther PPQ does but for 300 dollars more.

The P30 is EXACTLY like a P99 in trigger except the P99 AS is striker fired. The P99 has a better decocker (receded in the slide), a better mag release (extended), and is smaller with the same capacity.

Remember, the P30 came out after the P99 and copied the ergos. While the side grip panels are interchangeable and the P99's are not, the PPQ are more sculpted than the P99.
I really, really tried to like the P30. It is a fine pistol but I ended up with the Walther PPQ that fits my hand just as well and has a much better trigger and most importantly I shoot it better. I highly recommend that you also try a Walther PPQ if you get a chance as it is another very high quality German made/proofed pistol. You also owe it to yourself to try a SIG P226 or P229 if you don't mind a metal frame pistol. There are a lot of great choices in pistols these days compared to when I first started pistol shooting!
I tried one out when they were first introduced. I liked the overall feel of the gun, its ergonomic design, quality construction, and its innovative features. It's a very nice gun and all that, however I didn't think at its price point that it offered anything significantly better than several other less expensive 9mm. pistols that I already had.
Todd Green did an endurance test of one at and put more than 90,000 rounds through one over the course of about 40 weeks. i think he had maybe 10 stoppages and 5 springs or some other parts break. It is probably the most comprehensive review out there and he highly recommends the P30 but, I am pretty sure he likes the LEM trigger better then the DA/SA.

I had a long slide version and wish I'd never gotten rid of it. It fit better in my hand than any other gun and was very accurate.
I can justify the price being that I got a good deal on it as a used item. I will be sure to look into the Walther and the SIG.
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