Few different possible Mosins....opinions?

Which mosin would perform the most/would you get?

  • Finnish? Mosin 1: Gunbroker

    Votes: 10 50.0%
  • J/G Mosin 1

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • J/G Mosin 2

    Votes: 4 20.0%
  • J/G Mosin 3

    Votes: 2 10.0%

  • Total voters
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Jul 9, 2010
Here are a few I have been considering. Which do you guys think would be good?

1. From Gunbroker.com:
This one I have some questions about. It looks like just a regular 91/30, but the person says it is Finnish. I thought that the Fin one was the M28/30?

2. J/G Sales
Now there are several from J/G that I am looking at. Id like to know which one you guys think is the best.

3. http://www.jgsales.com/product_info...-shiny-bore-matching-#s-tula/products_id/3799

4. This one...it doesn't appear to be an ex sniper, but instead a rifle that has been turned into a sniper?

So what do you guys say?

BTW thank you for all the help so far! This board is great.
It is too bad the ex sniper does not have the turned down bolt handle because that is a big plus IMO.

I think I would save the sniper for another day and just get the hex receiver. I dont know why they are charging a premium on an ex sniper (read butchered sniper) rifle.
The Gunbroker gun is a Finnish capture, NOT a Sako, like the seller says. It does have a good looking Finnish stock, but the barrel is not Finnish, so it probably will not shoot any better than a regular Russian rifle, barrel condition being equal.
It does have a Finnish front sight, and what looks like a Finnish cleaning rod, so...it has a little more going for it than your average Mosin.
Just depends if it's worth more money to you, it would be for me, but I like Finn Mosins!:D

Edited: The price on that 'Finn', is probably about as high as I'd go on it.
This board:
is where lots of Mosin nuts hang out.
Good luck, tell us what you get.
Thanks for the votes guys!

My dad's friend from the Sherrifs department (used to work at the police department with dad) is coming over today w/his mosins, probably, so I may be ordering one/buying one from him today!!!
If I could find a Remington made Moisin I'd buy one. I understand that are somewhat rare and in good condition VERY rare.

Other wise, call me crazy one, of the carbine versions suits my fancy more. M38 or M44.
Where can a guy find genuine Finnish-made Mosins? I have a 1938 Tula 91/30 and a 1943 Tula M38, but I hear so much about the Finns being better rifles. I'm just afraid of getting hosed though. I'd like to know of an honest, reputable dealer that has the real things.
I'd go with the Finn. All other things being equal, it is the nicest looking.

As far as dream Mosins I'd saw off my left leg for either a TKIV 85 or a VZ54.
That's a very good price for a pot belly Finn. And if they decided to keep that Soviet barrel, it was for good reason. I've had M30's that were incredibly accurate. Here's an article on the type:


Second choice would be the laminate. Those seem to be particularly nice 91/30's among the Soviets.

The faux snipers are overpriced and often not particularly accurate. It's a crap shoot with them.

The ex snipers can be nice but may also be shot out.

I'm just afraid of getting hosed though. I'd like to know of an honest, reputable dealer that has the real things.

I've never seen a faked Finn, though it will probably happen eventually. There are several tell-tale signs. The [SA] stamp, the Finnish maker marks on the barrel shank (Tikka, VKT, Sako, etc.), in some cases Civil Guard markings, two piece birch stocks, sling swivels, high sights in the front often of blade type, etc. Also, there's no mistaking the M27, M28, M28-30 or M39 for anything Soviet made. They look radically different. Most people think they're some kind of Mauser.

GB always has a bunch up for sale, and this fellow is still selling off a massive backstock of M39's

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I'm not a Mosin expert by any means but I have owned and shot many including the M44, M38, Finn M39, and several 91/30's both stock and bubba'd (not by me). As far as fun goes the M38 was my favorite, mine was counterbored and still plenty accurate. Finally sold them all to get a Garand, still working on that....
Cosmo is quite right, so Ill add a bit...

To check for Finn use, most all Finns are "SA" stamped and most all have a "D" on the chamber.
Most all Mosins trhat are stamped as such have been gone over by the Finn armorer's with modifications/repairs being made untill the rifle shot and worked up the snuff, with 5 shots in 5 cm at 100 meters being the standard SAKO used in building prewar rifles. I dont know what standards the Finns used during the war, but every M-39 I have shot was very accurate.
After an evaluation for condition, rifles could run the gammet from Immediate reissue to Rebarreling, restocking, or rebuild into the latest configuration.

The "D" denotes that the chamber has been relived so that all types of 7.62X54R ammunition could be safely shot, as the Finns had not only their own ammo, but odd lots of purchased ammo as well as tons of Captured Soviet stuff to shoot.

I have a 91/30 in all matching Soviet, but with a box'd "SA" and being a 90's Centurey import, to show it was ever used by the Finns, and a very accurate rifle with Czeck LPS.

The Finn 28 was the Civil Guards rifle, made by SAKO who sold and refurbbed rifles to civilians in Finnland. The 28/30 was the upgrade , with new sights and accurized by SAKO, for a price to the Guardsman or the Civilain who owned them.
The M-27 was the Finn army rifle, and it was upgraded with the adoption of the M-39.
During the Winter war with teh Soviet Union,11-'39 to 3-'40, the Finns slaughterd the Commies in about a 10 to one ratio, stopping the Soviets from taking over their country, but ceceeding lands in the end. During that first war, a great many M91 and its updated modle, the 91/30 were captured by the Finns and issued as standard.
Both the Army and the Civil Guard unitsfought together, the Guard being absorbed by the Army.
During the Contenuation war from 9-'41 to 10-'44 when Finnland withdrew from the war, all makes and modles of Mosin Nagant were used by the Army.
During this time, all Rifles in use were stamped with the Army Property stamp , the boxd "SA".
Finn Mosin Nagant Rifles can be preSoviet M-91, Captured Soviet M91/30, M-38 Carbine and a few M-44 Carbines in issue condition or Finn modifyed, or Finn modifyed M91, M-24, M-27, M-28, M-28/30, M-39, and rebuilt, updated versions of all these modles are around, depending on the year of rebuild.

If it shot straight, the Finns issed it, if not, they rebuilt it till it did.:D
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i have a 1929 91/30 mosin and i love it, im gona refinish the wood later, there are a few scratches on it.
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