Fifteen years, success, sort of


Sep 12, 2010
I've always loved the old plain Jane 788 Remington, having had several over the past six decades. All were great shooters. The 308 was particularly accurate with cast bullets. A buddy has had the object of my firearms desire for years. A 788 30-30. Today, after good naturedly badgering him for fifteen or more years to let me buy it, he calls and asks if I'm still interested. YES!!! All he has shot in it is lead and that is what my plans are. We arrived at a fair price (to both of us). He said he'd share his load data.
I have a dozen 30 cal moulds, all the way from 115 to 200 grains as well as sizes from .308 to ,311.
To say I'm pumped would be understatement.
Now to look at my scope supply. And get casting.
Sadly, after we finished the deal, he told me of health problems and why he is downsizing to spare his wife some grief at clean out time.
That is a gun that has always caught my eye. I had an older friend who would hunt the river bends behind Bishop, CA with one of those. He got a lot of nice mule deer that rifle/cartridge combo. I would not associate that combo with getting mule deer in that open country but he used cover to his advantage and got it done.

Please keep us posted on your progress with this rifle. I bet it is going to be a great shooter.
My brother has a 788 .30/30 that he has used to kill a huge amount of whitetail over the past 50 years. About 20 years ago he expressed concern about it wearing out. By mere chance I saw one listed for sale in our state newspaper about a week later. It was his the next day. He now has two, still waiting on the first one to wear out.
Sorry to hear that he is ailing, but glad to know his 788 is in good hands that will treat it well. 🙏

I saw one once, in .44 Mag, years ago at a LGS when I had zero spare money. I honestly think I haven’t seen a 788 in the flesh since.

I do have a rimfire rifle that is 788-ish in that it is a Remington, it has a series of small rear locking lugs on the bolt, and it was more budget-friendly than their premium models, a 581. Like the 788, this 581 is far more accurate than the original purchase price would suggest.

Keep us informed on how your loads work out with your new-to-you 788. :thumbup:

Stay safe.
All 788's are forgotten treasures that the "experts" all dissed as being a "weak bolt design" when they came out. I have 4 of them including a 6 mm that I bought brandy new in 1973. They are tack drivers, the only shortcoming is the lack of affordable magazines.
I have yet to shoot one that wasn't accurate. I'm sitting in the hospital room right now trying to get started on thinning things out myself. Open heart surgery a few weeks ago didn't get the job done. An operation this coming weekend will make the decision for me.
Picked it up today. Bonus! Walnut stock. Stack of targets with cast bullet load data. Setting up the lead pot tomorrow. Would rate 98% and has never had a jacketed bullet through it.
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