Fixing trigger creep in a Ruger Blackhawk

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Dec 27, 2002
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Recently purchased a Ruger Blackhawk stainless in .357. I like the gun and it seems to be pretty accurate so far. However it has a bit of a trigger creep problem. Is this a new problem on Rugers?

My father's 20-25 year old Ruger Single Six doesn't have any trigger creep. I LOVE his S&W model 19 that thing is a dream to shoot double action is nice and single action is perfect, crisp and very light.

Will it cost me alot to send my Ruger away to a gunsmith to fix the creep? I don't really want to spend alot. And if it costs too much, I'll just be happy with how it is....

What can I expect a local gunsmith to charge me?
I bought a Power Custom hammer and trigger for one of my Blackhawks. They ain't cheap however. I just got tired of having hacks working on my guns. This is a drop in trigger job.
Yes, the Power Custom trigger/hammer set is basically a drop-in top-notch professional action job, with excellent instructions. At about $175 for the whole set, it's pricey, but it gives you some interesting options:

1) You can drop in a Bisley-type set if desired; the Power Custom Bisley hammer is pre-contoured to fit any of the Ruger grip frames. The Ruger Bisley hammer has to be altered to fit the Blackhawk/Vaquero-type grip frame, Bird's-Head or others.

2) The Power Custom hammer/trigger gives you two types of reloading: open the gate with the hammer down, and it acts like any other New Model setup. BUT you can also half-cock the hammer first, then open the gate, and rounds will line up with the loading gate right at each click, much like the Old Model action or a Colt SAA. This is a Godsend for people doing CAS/SASS who have to do the old five-up carry method for match legality.

The Power Custom hammer/trigger doesn't alter the factory transfer bar safety.

There may be gunsmiths out there that can give you a very good trigger job for about $100. But you have to factor in the cost of shipping your gun both ways...with the Power Custom option, you're just taking delivery of some very small parts. That helps balance the costs, plus you get it built quicker...your installation time will be under 2 hours tops. And you get that extra operating drill :).

If you really want to get trick, another $35 buys the Power Custom Freewheel Pawl, which can be user-installed at the same time. This part lets you spin the cylinder in EITHER direction once the loading gate is open, for maximum reload speed :).

Be sure you buy a hammer and trigger complete set all at once, that way they'll come pre-fitted to each other. Bought one at a time, or just one part, and they'll need a gunsmith's installation.

For a long list of Ruger SA modifications and tips, see also:
If you istall the free-spin pawl at the same time

do you still maintain chamber alignment "on-the-click" feature at half-cock?
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