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It didn't say in the add, but I am sure it uses one 123 battery. Now how common or how difficult to find are 123 batteries in Lima and how much they cost over there??
Maybe you will be better off with something that uses AA batteries.

Now Surefire have the E1e that is similiar in size, but is an incandescent and will run you a battery in one hour (123 batteries)

Surefire have the new E2L using two 123 batteries (Luxeon I) and if you are set in a Luxeon I recommend that you look into that.

For the same size they have the L-4 Digital Lumamax that is a 5 watts and the best small flood light in the market.

black bear
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You can also look into the Nuwai QIII. It's a 3 watt luxeon that also uses one CR123 lithium battery. Check around Ebay. You should be able to find one for 30 dollars or less.

brad cook
Thanks for all your replys...

First off, that kind of batteries are easy to find here in Lima, but I was planning on having them shipped here in bulk to minimize cost...ok, they are going to be more expensive than AA or AAA batteries,but not that much.

Blackbear: I am not really going for a LED light...the thing is that during my trip to Vegas in March I stopped in a store (the Sharper Image, in that desert-like mall) and I really liked the size of that light...it was bright, but not nearly enogh to blind me -ok, it IS stupid to light my eyes ;) , but I had to try...-but very handy for an all around light indeed... I was thinking about something that is HUGE amounts of light (incandescent or led, whatever it might be) for...ahem..."tactical purposes"...ahem.... :D

Digme: I ran a search, those look nice!! Same as above, it might make a great all purpose light.

So guys..what "smallish" light would you recommend ??

P.S: Oh God..please please please let me win the 951 lumen lamp!!!!!I promise I will spend less on guns and ammo!!! (I am serious!!I am going to use all that money to buy batteries!!!!! :cool: )
Dig Me is right, for the size and for the money you can not do any better than the Nuwaii Q III, it is a 3 watts Luxeons that is a better thrower and input more lumens than the 1 watt you saw in Sharper Imagine.
The advertising I saw once claimed 75 lumens, and the dimensions are 9.2 cm by 3cm or (3.63 by 1 inch) and it weights only 2 oz.
I own a bathtub full of flashlights but I am ordering one soon.

Now if you need a light for tactical purposes that output HUGE amounts of light and still will fit in your pocket, (or belt) you can not do any better than to look at the Surefires. The Centurion C-2 is very "tactical" (with its rubber indexing ring the switch on the rear and the Hard Anodized type III) if you exchange the stock P-60 lamp (60 lumens/1 hour run time) for the P-61 lamp (120 lumens, 20 minutes run time)

Or you can go to the Centurion C-3 and exchange the P-90 lamp (105 lumens for 1 hour) for the HOLA lamp (High Output Lamp Assembly) the P-91 and its output of 200 lumens for 20 minutes.

As you can see these high powered flashlights are not flashlights in the sense that you can use one for 2 or 3 hours to walk in the woods or work in the car.
They are truly "tactical Lights" that will blind your opponent before shooting him.

If you need a flashlight for the regular chores of a flashlight, ex: walking the dog, working in a car rummaging in the attic etc., I can recommend a two level Luxeon III LED that will last many hours in the low level (walking the dog) and with another press of the switch change to the high level (about 80 lumens)
to really illuminate something.
It is the Streamlight Luxeon III Task Light and here I am giving you a link to it.

Now one thing about the LED's lights including the Luxeons III and V, of any manufacturer, they are great indoor lights, but when taking outside, to the woods, in any kind of bad weather, they don't perform as good. I am talking here about throw and the ability to show detail.
First the throw, they fail to get to more than 25 yards, after that the light is so diffused that is hard to see detail.
And thanks to the lack of the red spectrum in the light it is hard at that distance to separate your target from the background. What I am saying here is that the lack definition

Second, that throw is more greatly impaired in conditions of rain, snow, fog and smoke. That is why you don't see firefighters or the US Army using them.

I know, I have a raccoon feeder at the 25 yards range and I do all kinds of experimenting with my Luxeons and Incandescent lights.

If you want HUGE amount of Lumens you have to get an incandescent light.
Over those 200 lumens that we have got in the Centurion C-3 with the P-91 lamp, you will have to move to the Surefire M-4 for 350 lumens for 20 minutes or the M-6 for 500 lumens for 20 minutes.

More lumens than that, you will have to get one of my modifications of the Maglite, the one in the 3 "D" size for 951 lumens (MAG 951) or the shorter one made in the body of the Maglite 2 "D" ten inches long for 678 lumens.
These lights are rechargeable and you can use the batteries for 1000 recharges, for 500 hours of FREE LUMENS before you need another set of $24.00 batteries.
Compare that with the cost of operating a Surefire M-6 for 500 hours, using 6 cells every 20 minutes at a estimate $10.00 (rounded figure) you will have to spend more than $5,000.00 in batteries

If you are interested in getting one, here is a link to the 3rd. page with all recent information.

Now if you need more lumens than that, until recently Surefire was selling a HID light called "The Beast" it uses those 123's batteries, twenty of them and will output 2,000 lumens. It will set you only $2,900.00 but you will have to pay a little more for it to get it out of the hand of a collector, as Surefire sold all of the 85 units they made.
Here is a picture of "The Beast"


Another fantastic searchlight is the MEGARAY, it will illuminate targets 2000 meters away. The cost is about $7,000.00 so if you are interested here is a link with more information.

and a picture of it, the way the US Army use it.


So I will say when you wish for HUGE amount of light, it is available if your pocket is deep enough.
Rogelio, good luck with your choices.
Best regards
black bear
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