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My two cents.

For a gun mounted light, I'd get a SureFire, in spite of the cost, because they are the proven standard.

If you want a light with some "throw," forget about the LEDs. Even the Luxeons can't compare to a Xenon bulb.

But for very long lasting lights that will fill your needs maybe 60% of the time (how do I know what your needs are??), the LED models truly rock. Personally, I'm a big fan of the Streamlight Twin Tasks, which give you the option of switching between a bright Xenon bulb (which lasts perhaps 2 to 3 hours) and one or more LED settings (which last maybe 25 to 75 hours), depending on the model.
I was a big fan of lithium powered LED lights...truer, whiter, more intense night or in the dark But in the day, I prefer the standard bulbs in the Surefires & Streamlights.
Wow, thread revival.

I haven't gotten myself to purchasing an LED Surefire due to the premium price over their incandescent counterparts. I still use incandescent Surefires.

A flashlight and a tactical light are two different things and they are good for two different jobs.

For example I will not dream of looking under the hood of my car or changing a tire with any tactical light including the Surefire 6P.

Too bright, to concentrated the focus at that short distance and too little flood to be util. Besides they run on expensive 123's batteries and last only one hour.

But my little Fenix L1T is the perfect light for those chores and also for repairing a leak under the sink or changing a wall switch. (I hold the little light in my mouth and leave my two hands free to work.

Besides the Fenix uses one AA battery, and as in my case I use Nimh rechargeable it is free to run as much as I like.

The Fenix together with others EDC's of the past:


Now, a tactical light is used in short duration and sometimes in burst of light, it doesn’t matter if the 2 or 3 batteries will last only 20 minutes, but the light have to be powerful enough to blind temporarily.

I shrug the 65 lumens lights and go all the way to the 200 lumens.
My favorite id the Surefire C-3 with the P-91 lamp, but the Streamlight TL-3 will do.
Here is an example of mine with tiger rings included.


Now, for a really big flashlight that can be carried in the car or clipped next to the door in the house, for something that can be used for search and rescue, traffic stops or to roast intruders, nothing better than a mega-light.

For that I used to use a Surefire M-6, but at that time I was a professional with a steady income and could afford the six 123's every 20 minutes to get the 500 lumens of light.
These days I use one of my own BOREALIS 1050 lumens, rechargeable torches that cost me nothing to run as they are driven by Nimhs rechargeable batteries.

The Surefire M-6, 500 lumens


THE BOREALIS 1050 lumens rechargeable.


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