Fobus hoslters anyone?.?

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Perhaps as some other posters have mentioned this can be altered with a heat gun.. but why bother, plenty of other holsters out there which don't require me to do a project after spending the money on them to have them function well.
Why not? A comp tac holster is much nicer, but at around 50 bucks, its twice the price of fobus. Blade tech is much nicer as well, but cost about 65.

I saved 60 to 80 bucks by getting a couple of fobus holsters instead of comp tac or blade tech, more if you consider that fobus is stocked at the local gun store and I didnt have to pay shipping. I spent about 5 minutes on each of them to get retention where I wanted it. Ten minutes each if you consider the time it took me to find my heat gun.
I tried a Fobus holster for my Steyr M9; package was marked as such, but couldn't even get the gun into it. Don't know if they screwed up the design or the label. Also tried a magazine holder for double column 9mm mags. Couldn't get a Hi-Power mag to fit in it. Finally after several hours of sanding and scraping the inside of the holder, I could get a mag in, but it still is a tight fit. Overall, I'd have to rate them as marginally conditional; try them out first, and then buy it if there's nothing else to choose from.
I like them, and the last one I purchased has a screw to adjust tension. That make a lot of difference since some I have used were too tight.

In spite of all the badmouthing, maybe some are justified, that always goes on when the subject of Fobus comes up, I have used them for over 10 years, and have never had a single problem.
I also have some leather holsters from some of the very top makers, but I probably just slip on the Fobus paddle more than any other.

As for quality, I admit they are not equal to some other kydex holsters, such as Comp-Tac. But they work, and I don't worry about them breaking, coming off, or someone breaking them off me.

I have purchased and used them even for guns they weren't labelled to be for. I asked permission from the shop to try them on my firearm and bought the closest fit and then shortened the holster section, changed the curve of the paddle, snipped or added plastic to suit me, and used the daylights out of them.

They now have a new generation where the paddle is more flexible and padded. I will be buying the new ones for each existing "old style" one I own.

Yes, it does require practice to use one for daily carry. You have to adjust the tension, get used to the angle of extraction, and the pull your pants up routine, but then doesn't anything you choose to do well require practice?
I would just get a Comp Tac paddle holster and be done with it.

Most people that have a Fobus, like me, eventually end up upgrading their holsters anyway. Just get a good one now.
I got one of the Roto models for my 1911. I like it and use the paddle attachment more often than the belt attachment. Good holster for the money. Especially if you are left handed.
I bought one like 3 weeks ago... although mine has great retention and is really confortable to carry, it needs a light jacket to conceal (Shirts just tend to open up!) I always appendix carry (1:30 ) unless when wearing thunderwear...

IMHO, just for winter
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