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Secure? I stopped using Fobus paddle holsters because they are TOO secure. I could not just pull the paddle off and lock it in the car. I have done farm work, ridden ATVs, tractors and horses with no worries. The Fobus are good holsters.
I bought my mom a fobus paddle holster for her Glock 26. She complained that she could not get the gun out. So I tried with one hand, nothing. I pulled with both hands and mom screamed as her feet came off the ground. I was able to lift her off the ground by the gun/holster/belt.

Here is the secret, probably one of many. Armorall. Armorall in the holster acts like a lube for the polymer. You know how it feels on your dash in your car. If you ever armoralled your steering wheel, then you know the problems of gripping the wheel after that. Well, it works great in the holster. I put a little inside and just a tad bit where the holster locks on the trigger guard. I then worked the gun in and out of the holster a couple hundred times. Now it works great.

I have seen Fobus holsters that ranged between being fairly tight to being like mom's where it was overly secure. You can take an overly secure Fobus holster and break it in to be a little less secure, but you can't break one in to be more secure.
I've used a FOBUS paddle as my primary holster since August last year and have no complaints. Retention is excellent and it is much more comfortable than I imagined. And I bought it on sale for all of $7.95! Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it.
I use a Fobus for USPSA/IPSC competition and yes they are tight. Here's a trick I came up with to speed and ease the draw. I shoot some clp on a clean shop rag and lightly coat the trigger guard area inside of the fobus. Makes the draw much easier and does not screw up retention.
I don't use the fobus for dialy carry because it sticks out like a mail box on a post.
They're very functional. I know a LEO who won't use anything but them for off-duty. I have a few and they are exceptional buys. The paddle grips well during a draw. I've had holsters that were 3x higher is cost that didn't do as good a job as the Fobus.
It depends ...

Do enough Searches on various firearms forums and you can hear just about anything you want to hear about these holsters.

Want to hear about one where the little rivets broke loose on either the holster body or the paddle, during a shooting class? You can find a couple of examples ...

Want to hear how they've never failed during a very physical shooting class, and have "out performed" more expensive leather & synthetic holsters? You can find examples of that ...

Want to hear how they've been excessively tight ... or excessively loose? You can find them ...

When I wanted a Fobus to fit a SW99, I was told by Fobus that I needed to use the holster originally formed to fit the G30. Now, the slide and frame of a SW99 9/40 is loose within that particular holster body, but the trigger guard does retain the weapon. Not real tight, but the pistol won't fall out if the holster is turned upside down ... as long as you don't shake the holster hard. It can be wiggled a bit within the holster body, but the Fobus rep I discussed this with said that their primary concern when determining the applicability of a particular pistol to a holster was whether the holster's trigger guard recess was snug enough to retain the pistol, not necesarily whether the rest of the holster was an exact fit.

Close enough for government work might be a good way to describe how they fit some pistols not expressly envisioned when the mold was first made. He said that's also why some of the older packages get added stickers listing the "new" pistols the holsters have been discovered to "fit".

Naturally, if you have a specific pistol in mind for which a holster is specifically designed and made ... then you're probably good to go.

The rivets holding everything together may not prove to be as strong as some folks might like ... and may not be as strong as a folded 1-piece synthetic holster, or a stoutly made leather holster with reinforced nylon stitching, double sewn ... but then neither does a Fobus holster cost what many other holsters cost.

Personally, I only use Fobus holsters for range holsters for a couple of pistols, and I find they're affordable, decent holsters for that purpose ... for me. I have one that I wouldn't want to rely on to retain the pistol if I was forced to roll around on the ground, and it's the model recommended for that pistol ... and then I have another one that really requires a "dedicated" effort to draw and present from the holster, and it's also the one recommended for that pistol.

The Fobus paddles, being very thin and pliant injection molded material, are pretty comfortable in the way they conform to your body. More so than a couple of Blade-Tech paddles I have. Both companies' paddles have proven to be both "easy" to shift & remove, or "difficult" for them to shift and be removed ... depending on the clothing and circumstances involved when they're worn. I've had examples from both companies almost become completely dislodged from the waistband of my pants, depending on my activities ... and then I've had examples of each prove to be so difficult to remove that I had to unbuckle my belt and loosen my waistband in order to get them out & off. It all depends ...

I don't use the fobus for dialy carry because it sticks out like a mail box on a post.

More eloquently put than I might've thought to say.;) But then again, it depends on how your body is shaped, too, and what clothing you're going to be wearing, doesn't it?

I know some "gun oriented" cops who have tried and discarded Fobus holsters ... and then I know some "non-gun oriented" cops who think they're just fine, but mainly because they're cheap. Of course, that doesn't really mean much of anything, because you could probably go to some other agency and find the demographics regarding preference is exactly the opposite. :D

They're certainly affordable enough to buy one and try it, and not have invested between $50-$100 only to discover you don't like it, or it doesn't suit your needs.

Like most of us don't already have a box or three of seldom-or-never-used holsters in the closet.;)
If ''outer layer'' garment is adequate for good concealment then Fobus is great. I use one for P Series (P95 and P97) .. great retention on the trigger guard .. and, paddle allows for that exact position .... regardless of where belt loops are. The two protrusions on the paddle keep it very secure too.

As for draw ..... never wiped mine with anything .. the technique is what I called ''inertial'' .... a very brisk in-line pull ... quickly overcoming that retention .. works a treat.

Cost .. well, great value IMO.
i also have a fobus for every gun i own, at least every one they make a holster for, and have been very happy both for range work and for casual CCW. all of them are the paddle model.

even in the paddle line some models are more suited to CCW than others...the paddle for my glock 19/23, rides the higest and tightest
I bought a Fobus holster to shoot IPSC. I am using a XD40. I had trouble with Fobus being to secure. I wish I would have known that Armorall would have helped. All I did was heat up the holster on the stove and adjust the trigger gard retention bumps. Works great now!! Best 428.95 holster I ever bought.

Edited to add: I meant to post $18.95
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Here's what I do to relieve the tight retention...

I take a manual for a computer motherboard, and slide it in the slit in the plastic for the trigger. I leave it there for a day or two depending on how tight it is, and that does the trick.

I have used them ever since they came out. I don't have any illusions about them being up to par with a Sidearmor, COmp-Tac, or Blade-Tech, but they are usually the first accessory I buy for a new gun. I had the first one I ever bought for about three years before I traded it off with a gun.

I use them for IDPA regularly and at the range. I only use them for CCW if I don't have a leather one.

fobus safety holster

Most folks don't seem to be aware of the "safety holster" variation that fobus offers. the button over the tigger is a release for the trigger guard catch. the result is greater retintion when you want it and total release of the pistol by appling light pressure with your index finger as you draw. I use mine to compete in IDPA and it has performed flawlessly.

Well for about the same price I prefer the Uncle Mike's holsters. You can get good prices at

However, if it's more than just for the range I would say spend the extra money on a Blade-Tech, Side-Amor, or Comp-Tac holsters if you want kydex.
I bought my mom a fobus paddle holster for her Glock 26. She complained that she could not get the gun out. So I tried with one hand, nothing. I pulled with both hands and mom screamed as her feet came off the ground. I was able to lift her off the ground by the gun/holster/belt.

That's the reason why I like Uncle Mike's better. It has a tension adjustment. But for the "best buy" in Kydex, my vote goes to Comp-tac.

Best 428.95 holster I ever bought.
:eek: I hope you paid in Peso!
Whoo whoo!!!

Fobus paddle holsters rock the free world. I have one for my Glock 23, as well as a single mag pouch for the same. I have been very satisfied with both. I've never had any problems with either retention of my weapon or slipping the paddle on and off when I need to. They are excellent holsters. If you aren't sure, throw down the money and try one. Worst comes to worst, you are out $10.
I had one and used it as my IDPA holster for about a year. It wore out. I use G-Code now, much nicer, but costs much more. Fobus is a good holster for the money.
i can highly recomend their mag carrier too. i have the single mag paddle carrier that i use for both my beretta and sig. it gets more use than my alessi or blade-tec combined...maybe i'm just too lazy to run my belt through the others
I have Fobus holsters for both my Glocks and they're pretty nice. Dollar for dollar, it would be difficult to beat Fobus.

However, if I were carrying, I would go with Sidearmor. The fit and quality of their holsters is outstanding. They're not cheap, but they're worth it.:)
If I had to complain about a Fobus I can come up with three things: 1) I've found the plastic can hold a little dirt and grit and scratch up the gun if not cleaned out occasionally. 2) The rivets can rust. 3) The the paddle makes a really sweaty place on your Texas.

As far as the real world use...they work very well and are cheap and practicle.
I didn't like mine for I screwed it to the inside of the console in my Jeep. I like it fine there.

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