Forget CCW. Try yoga.

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I give you an A++ for effort and my heart goes out to you. However, you are wasting your time trying to explain to liberal anti-gunners why gun ownership is important. I know people right now who vote for the president solely on the basis of the letter beside their name: D or R. Nothing else matters. A man could say he was going to kill everyone over the age of 60 and everyone under the age of 30 and they'd still vote for him if he had the right letter beside his name, because they are nothing but simple-minded creaton sheep.

Likewise is this person.

I have only one retort to anti-gunners, and it goes something like this:

Hypothetical situation. Yes or no answer only. If the only thing you had to do to stop the violent, brutal rape/torture of your wife and/or children was pick up a handgun and pull the trigger, would you do it? If you do, you're a hypocrite. If you don't, you're either a liar or a worthless waste of oxygen who deserves neither wife/children or the liberty of living in a free country--in either case, not worthy of a second more of my time.

Most usually can't follow the yes/no rule but nobody has ever told me that they hold their anti-gun beliefs so strongly that they'd watch their wife/children raped and tortured. When the stakes are life/death, politics always goes out the window.
Yes, indeed, Japan is a paradise, because of its wonderful legal system where the conviction rate is 99%.

The police simply holds a suspect in isolation (sometimes for months) until a confession is duly given while "moderate" pressures are applied. Then the court (no jury) simply finds the suspect guilty based on this "confession." Viola! 99% conviction rate.

I certainly hope the person who wrote from Tokyo is never "suspected" of any crime there. Certainly he will encounter difficulties obtaining legal counsel until he provides the "confession."

Of course, the Yakuza have no problem carrying and using guns in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan, but then again, the Yakuza exert a considerable influence on the nation's commercial and political entities with "donations," and thus avoid the need to provide "confessions" similarly. Who needs the police (or guns) when you are paying protection money, I mean commercial association fees, to Yakuza groups?

We, Americans, too should copy this wonderful system and simply pay such fees to our local youth groups or other such organizations. We wouldn't need our guns (or the police for that matter) then!
What caliber would you use...

You missed a wonderful opportunity! Since he's from Tokyo, you should find out what caliber/gun you should use to stop...
Greg wrote in his email reply, <But if you still live in a neighborhood that is so dangerous that you really think you need to carry a gun around with you all of the time, then I think you should consider relocating again.> End of quoted text.

Dick, Greg also indicated possibly relocating to Eau Claire. He also suggested a trip to Hawaii. He himself lives in Japan. Personally I think he could be jerking your bobber. Nontheless, My question would be, What if things go south in Eau Claire? What if Hawaii goes bad? Should we all move to Japan? Gregs logic is flawed, Reminds me of several in my area that are against drinking and smoking but for legalising marijauna and actively campaign against the two afore mentioned and for the latter.

I have friends that started out their adult lives living in Milwaukee, one just off Capitol Drive and the other around S. 34th. They both moved a little bit further out then they both moved again. Now one is in Germantown and the other in Washington County near Hartford. The last time we got together, One remarked " Just how far do we have to move to get away?"

That is the view from this Cheesehead..........Chainsaw
After a while, trying to have any discourse with the likes of this joker is fruitless, and time ill spent.


Do not attempt to teach a pig to sing.

It wastes your time and annoys the pig.
It's abundantly clear that this guy doesn't live in reality. Smoking standard doobie couldn't possibly cause this kind of disconnect with the real world. I think this guy suffers from YEARS of hard drug use.
Love herbal teas. Like to travel when I'm allowed out of my steel drum of a life. I practice law hon gung (the Monks' strength--the 18 Arhan) breathing exercises in a form of Chinese boxing I study. I still carry guns!!!:D

Pretty typical mindset of a servile slave culture such as Japan. Some people do not wish to be free. Nothing you can do with them, Monkey.

Well, my grandfather beat the crap out them.:D
Just say "Your Kung Fu is weak. My Kung Fu is more powerful than your Kung Fu."

With martial arts flicks being a big part of pop culture in Japan, he will get it.

I must now sheepishly admit that I love guns AND I practice Yoga. Of course, I practice Ashtanga Yoga (sometimes known as "Power" Yoga), which is more "exercise" and less "Hippiness."

I got into Ashtanga Yoga after seeing Rickson Gracie (of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and No-Holds Barred fighting fame) practice a variation of it. Anyone who thinks he is a sissy because of it can show up for edification (as a well-known Japanese fighter did - showed up with an NHK crew to Gracie's studio for a challenge and duly received the said edification).


For that game, I'd prefer the use of a 200cm hellbore.

Look up the bolo books by Keith Laumer for details. ;)

I love how whenever we come up with statistics, examples, or details they go that doesn't matter because...

Or they go for personal attacks.

Gunsmith is the "token" gunny of SF. DIVERSITY, remember?
As long as he offers to remove the bad karma with each repair, he's in the clear. :p
Monkeyleg on violent, criminal attacks: Shoot ‘em, make the world a little safer for everyone. Live happily ever after.

Crazy head-in-the-sand yoga dude: Let the criminals decide where you live. When crime happens, run from it. Relocate. Drink herbal tea and do yoga to relax, so you forget what just happened. Rinse and repeat forever. :rolleyes:
Most usually can't follow the yes/no rule but nobody has ever told me that they hold their anti-gun beliefs so strongly that they'd watch their wife/children raped and tortured. When the stakes are life/death, politics always goes out the window.
I have actually seen people type this, and heard it pass from their lips. Afterwards, I just walk away because they are utterly hopeless.:(
I for one am going to take that gentle persons advice and do something about crime in a non violent way. Everybody chant with me...











There, now that all the crime is wiped out we can go on with our lives confident that we no longer need those awful guns.

Excuse me while I go to the barfatorium.:barf:
I believe that this, umm, individual is too far gone to be changed- no amount of fact, reason, or logic will ever convice him/her. This one is just an ostrich with it's head in the ground, waiting to be butchered :rolleyes: .

There are two likely situations that will change the mind of the respondent:

1. Age and maturity. Young ideological brains tend to "wise up" over time.

2. The first time someone near and dear is attacked, injured, killed by an act that may have been prevented with something more stout than "good vibes."
I should just leave this guy to his beliefs, but it's sooooo hard not to respond. Here's my reply:

Dear Mr. *****:

Again, I don't know why I respond to your emails. Perhaps my responses keep me in proper debating form.

It's nearly impossible for me to address all of your points, since those points aren't laid out in any orderly fashion; I expected different from one who lives in the Japanese culture. Perhaps there are some night classes over in Japan you could take to address these shortcomings in your writing style.

Nevertheless, I'll try to address your points one-by-one, haphazard as they may be.

First, there's no anger in me. Everyone who knows me says that I'm the nicest person they know. Part of the reason I'm so "nice" is that I don't want confrontation. I'd rather avoid it, at any cost, even when my confronter doesn't realize that he's dealing with an armed citizen. The absolute last thing I want to do is hurt someone, unless the circumstances prevent me from doing otherwise.

Secondly, the world is not "turning into a violent place." It always has been such. Notice that Ghengis Kahn has never been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

I'm glad you're aware of crime in the United States; as a displaced Eau Claire resident, you're to be commended for keeping abreast of what's happening back here. Are you aware of crime in other countries as well? For example, did you know that the US ranks #17 in violent crime, with the UK, Germany, and other so-called "peaceful" western industrialized nations ahead of the US? We may have the lock on gun-related crime, but the other countries have far higher rates of violent crime as a percentage of population.

For example, the "hot" burglary rate in London is twice that of New York City. "Hot burglaries" are those in which the occupants are at home, and are thus more likely to be subjected to assault.

Since enacting a virtual ban on private ownership of firearms in 1997, the violent crime rate in the UK has climbed dramatically. The law-abiding seem to be following the rules, while the lawless take advantage of the new laws.

As for your point about seeking counseling for my "trauma:" if everyone in the US--or other countries, for that matter--sought counseling for a violence-related experience, the entire world would shut down. All four billion of us would be nodding off listening to shrinks talk about Oedipus complexes and Freudian displacement theories. Imagine a worldwide Depression caused by psychiatrists. It's bad enough that we have lawyers destroying the world; please don't compound the problem by adding shrinks to the mix.

I'm glad you can understand the way I feel about the crime I've experienced. Can I assume that you've never been the victim of a violent crime? If you have, and still cling to your beliefs, then you're absolving millions of sociopaths for their behavior while taking the brunt of the blame upon yourself.

But, let's cut to the quick: the most valuable thing I own is my life. Nothing else--not cars, nor home, nor even guns--matters. I don't own my wife's life: she has allowed me to share hers. But I now regard her life and well-being as mine to protect. I certainly would not resort to the use or even threat of deadly force if someone is trying to steal my TV.

But, if someone is trying to harm my life or my wife's, then that person has forfeited any right to life that he previously held. I don't care if his mother was a prostitute, or his father a politician (many would argue the difference between those professions is subtle). His abberrant behavior--whether brought about by poverty, drug use, or being ridiculed as a child--is his problem, not mine. My problem is to get myself and my wife out of that situation ASAP and, if not possible, then present the assailant with an ultimatum: turn tail and run immediately, or get shot.

Compared to carrying around laptops, PDA's, cell phones and numerous other cumbersome devices, the experience of carrying less than two pounds of metal isn't at all uncomfortable for me. It goes on in the morning along with the rest of my clothing, and comes off at night. The rest of the day, it's just there, and almost forgotten.

Governor Doyle must understand that drill to some degree, since he's surrounded by men who live by the same daily routine. Of course, the Governor doesn't beieve that ordinary citizens should be afforded the right of personal protection. He, like so many in state and federal government, believe that his life is more important than that of the average citizen. Governor Doyle can continue to talk about how we should all disarm, get along, sing Kumbaya, and hold hands. If--and I sincerely hope that day never comes--he's confronted by a sociopath who wants to do him harm, his bodyguards will do his shooting for him. He has paid gunmen to protect him. I, and all other taxpayers, pay for these bodyguards who can do what Wisconsin state law now forbids me to do: protect myself and my loved ones.

Although I've met the Governor--and afterwards washed my hands--I hold no personal vengeance against the man. I will simply do what voters in this country do on every first Tuesday in November: try to increase the power of those who agree with my positions, and diminish the power of those who do not.

Moving on, you're correct on one point: Japan does not respect diversity. Neither does the UK, Germany, or other so-called "industrialized nations." That's probably one of the biggest factors in our high homicide rate: the wars amongst and between ethnic gangs. The FBI Uniform Crime Report shows that 85% of homicides are the result of criminal activity, much of which is the result of black-on-black, black-on-asian, asian-on-hispanic, or other types of ethnic gang warfare, most of which is centered around the drug trade. Take that gang and drug factor out of the mix, and the US would have one of the lowest homicide rates in the world.

In other words, we experience more murders here to a great extent because of our ethnically diverse culture. Still, we let people from every country and culture immigrate here due to the fact that we succeed because of them, not despite them. Our mix of cultures and ethnic backgrounds makes the US stronger, not weaker. Did Germany strengthen itself when it closed its borders to Eastern Bloc immigrants following the collapse of the Berlin Wall? How many brilliant minds was Germany deprived of because of that decison? More pointedly, how many brilliant minds has Japan been deprived of by that country's lack of ethnic tolerance? It's often been said that the most frightening thing to a Japanese engineer is a blank sheet of paper.

Talk all you want about Cherry Blossoms and The Spring, but Japan's history is replete with a history of abominable atrocities, including the Bataan Death March, the Rape of Nanking, and the subjugation of Korean women as prostitutes for the Japanese military. You live in an adopted country whose citizens are raised to be submissive but, when given the perverse opportunity, inflict the most cruel treatment upon their fellow human beings imaginable.

Given the choice--concealed pistol under my jacket, or a culture that discourages self-reliance and encourages barbarism--I'll take that pistol anytime.

Again, truly yours,
Dick Baker
Notice that Ghengis Kahn has never been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

That is only because the Prize is only awarded to living murderers. Arafat, Begin, Kissinger, Le Duc Tho, Carter (true, he mostly caused the deaths of his allies, but still), and Sadat all won the peace prize. Jinghiz would fit right in.
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