Forget CCW. Try yoga.

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Given the choice--concealed pistol under my jacket, or a culture that discourages self-reliance and encourages barbarism--I'll take that pistol anytime.
Good reply. But I wonder, Japan is more purely repressive. A culture which actiuvely encourages barbarism sounds a lot more like Wisconsin or Illinois and their refusal to allow CCW to me.

I'm still dumbstruck by your description of a state which winks at violent crime; it almost sounds like literary references on the soviet gulags. It seems like the perfect incubator for an organized crime takeover. Rather than staying I wonder if you should move to a state where CCW is allowed.

One of my kids visited in Wisconsin last summer. He said he thought it was funny when a mugger tried to hit on him until he patted his jacket pocket and said "I'm not from around here" in his deep southern accent. He didn't have a gun, just a four inch blade which he never showed, but the point was the thug knew a southern boy might be armed.
"I actually live in Tokyo, Japan, a city of 12 million people where guns are illegal. As a result of guns being illegal here there are usually around 20 deaths per year from guns in the entire country."

I think responding to that guy was a complete waste of time, but since you did, I would have asked him to explain, why, since Taiwan is also an island country where guns are illegal, their homicide rate is comparable to ours.
I think you actually might get a chance to break through to this guy.

Right now, it seems like he actually does understand what he's talking about, and is just scared of it and running away.

He could wake up any day now, and decide not to be scared anymore.
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