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Free women's firearms class hosted by GUNS4US

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Desertdog, Aug 1, 2004.

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  1. Desertdog

    Desertdog Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    Ridgecrest Ca
    We need many more dealers introducing firearms to the ladies. If the ladies become shooters the boyfriends will usually follow.
    If you notice they had enough applicants to fill 3 classes and not just the one. This is considered a safe area to live in. Think how many applicants they would get in a dangerous neighborhood.
    GUNS4Us has a small pistol shooting range under their building. Dd

    GUNS4US hosts free women's firearms class

    BY LINDA SAHOLT/lsaholt@ridgecrestca.com

    When Firearms Instructor David Shipley and GUNS4US owner Tom Wiknich arranged to put on a free pistol shooting class designed for women, neither realized how popular the class was going to be. Saturday's class was full; enough women are on the waiting list to fill two more classes.

    "There was a big response in Ridgecrest, especially from women. We have three sets of mother and daughter teams just in this class," said Shipley.

    While many women want to become comfortable with the guns their husbands own, and some are interested in shooting as a sport, self-defense is the underlying reason most women signed up for the class, according to Shipley.

    Participants were instructed on how firearms work, safety, how to hold a firearm properly, correct shooting stance, dealing with recoil, legal aspects, proper storage, and more. They had a choice of handguns of three different calibers to practice firing-.22, .38. and .40. A training pistol was also available, that fires small plastic pellets that pierce paper targets but not people.

    "This is an excellent class," said Ridgecrest resident Melissa Constant. She was excited and a bit surprised at her own daring.

    "This was a lot of good information for the first time. I've never shot a gun before and I'm thinking of purchasing one for self-defense," said Constant.

    "One of my girl friends does target shooting, and that sounded good, too."

    When her turn came up, she stepped right up and asked to fire a .38-caliber gun.

    Out of four shots, she hit the target each time, with one shot almost dead center.

    Shipley pronounced her stance and trigger pull perfect, and gave Constant her target to take home. Grinning, she bounced up the stairs with the rolled-up target, eager to show family members.

    Although Shipley has been teaching various shooting classes for years, this was the first class he's taught just for women.

    So how are they doing?

    "Excellent," he beamed. "They're very energetic, they ask lots of good questions."

    Apparently women are often slightly better at aiming a firearm than men are.

    Shipley taught the class as a public service; normally, this class costs $150.

    GUNS4US plans to have more of these classes in future. They will probably also be free; if not, the fee will only be nominal, to cover ammunition. The next scheduled class is already full; dates have not yet been set for future classes.

    Shipley has been shooting over 20 years, and has been certified through the Department of Justice, the NRA, and the Department of Defense. He also gives private instruction and instructs law enforcement officers. For more information, contact Shipley at 375-3414.

    GUNS4US can be reached at 375-1004, or see the Web site at http://www.guns4us.com .
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