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fyi, entirety of message posted. as of 12:25 hours, links worked

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by alan, Feb 22, 2003.

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  1. alan

    alan Member

    Dec 24, 2002
    sowest pa.
    Second Amendment Lawsuit Making News

    21 February 2003

    WorldNetDaily.com is running a story today about the
    joint effort between KeepAndBearArms.com and Citizens
    of America to support a Second Amendment lawsuit to
    the Supreme Court:


    WND is ranked by Alexa as one of the top 900 most
    visited websites on the entire internet. Remove the foreign
    sites and they are in the top 500.

    Please read the article and pass it around.

    Much more support is required for this case -- required

    Our analysis of the case is here:

    We had over $140,000 pledged by our members and
    visitors to support such an effort when we found the
    right case to get behind. We are a long way from the
    goal of even covering the very basic needs to see this
    case through -- and we are calling on gun owners and
    liberty advocates to immediately support this effort.
    Right now, today, give here:

    We have a very real chance to get this case heard in
    the High Court. We have legal power in our corner,
    as you will see if you read up on the case.

    If the High Court does agree to hear the case, we must
    be prepared well in advance, and there are many costs
    associated with such an effort.

    Are you going to sit on the sidelines and "hope" enough
    "other people" help us? Or are you going to pitch in?

    If everyone on the KeepAndBearArms.com email list
    gave just $10, we'd be light years down the road toward
    full preparation. If each list member gave $20, we might
    even have enough to see this whole thing through even
    if it takes another year.

    Twenty bucks. Many of us have blown more than that on
    a dinner that gave us indigestion, for goodness sake. One
    box of self-defense ammo can cost almost that much. A
    movie with a date and some overpriced, stale popcorn
    eats up $20.

    A hand in helping make history seems like a better investment.

    Big gun rights groups have high overheads, fancy executive
    offices, large salaries to dole out, and massive expenditures
    on advertising and marketing. We aren't so encumbered.
    We just hunger for freedom. And a helping hand from our
    countrymen to fight the good fight is necessary.

    KeepAndBearArms.com isn't even asking you to donate to
    us. And we know that raising money from our community
    and giving it to the group spearheading the fundraising --
    Citizens of America -- means we'll have to go without support
    by many contributors on fixed incomes.

    But the potential to get this case heard is REAL. We've got
    a winnable case here -- and we've committed to helping get
    the job done. And another ruling out of the same Circuit court
    just added more punch to our effort. We simply must prepare,
    and part of that preparation requires money. No way around it,
    so we get to plow through and make it happen.

    This isn't popcorn and a movie we're talking about. It's a
    fundamental right vs. a gun ban -- and a very good chance
    at taking it all the way.

    People are sitting in prison, right now, for merely owning a
    firearm banned under the law being challenged by this case.
    Cement cages, steel bars, undesirable neighbors -- for owning
    a gun that a bunch of non-American elitist bureaucrats got on
    their high horses and outlawed. If that was you in prison for
    exercising your basic rights, would you think foregoing $20
    of entertainment would be a big deal?

    Then there are those who resisted enforcers of anti-Second
    Amendment "laws" and were killed. And those yet to come
    if we don't end this continual, vicious assault on Liberty.

    The right of the people to keep and bear arms is going to be
    judged by the Supreme Court at some point soon. Period.
    The next case with the best shot at getting there is what this
    message is about. This case:

    Needs support NOW:


    There are still far too many places in this great nation where
    people still cannot bear arms to defend themselves against
    truly evil people who'd stab them to death for a wallet. And
    this case is a fight over keeping arms, as well as bearing them.

    Here's the big question to ponder:

    If the government can get away with banning arms, effectively
    preventing you from "keeping" them, then how do you
    think you'll get to "bear" them once the rest are banned? Read
    what the judge said in the Silveira ruling. Here it is, to save you
    the time:

    "Because the Second Amendment does not confer an individual
    right to own or possess arms, we affirm the dismissal of all
    claims brought pursuant to that constitutional provision."

    That's their answer to "this outright ban on entire classes of
    firearms infringes the Second Amendment."

    Should we let that stand and keep complaining about the people
    who'd rather see a woman raped than a rapist shot? Or should
    we fight to have them put in their places by having the Justices
    study up on -- and rule on -- the truth?


    Gun Owners' Home Page

    If you experience any difficulties, please contact us for assistance. Newslinks@Keepandbeararms.com

    Posters note: The registration of "assault weapons" mandated by CA legislation, HAS LED TO CONFISCATION.
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