Gander Mountain questions

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I've bought several guns from Gander Mountain here in Fredericksburg. Their prices might be a little higher than some places, but not enough to get my knickers in a knot. Most of the "gun people" are pretty smart, which means they agree with me or at least are smart enough to let me think they do.

Used gun prices you have to watch. I bought a Smith and Wesson 39-2, in very good shape from them for $250.00. I thought that was a near steal, because the other two I'd seen locally were going for over $400.00. On the other hand they had a used NRA endownment edition Ruger Mk II, standard for $599.00. My wife had just bought one just like it from the same store a couple of months before for $219.00 NIB.

I think the only ammo I ever got there was 22RF, and it was about the same price as anywhere.

CC no problem, and they are nice enough to carry my guns to my car for me. I kinda like that. I wish I could get Wal-Mart to do it when my wife buys 50 lb bags of dog food.

They have a gunsmith in the store. He fixed a minor problem with my wife's Bersa Firestorm 22 while she waited and at no charge.
Like any chain store, Gander Mountain is only as good as its employees. Most of the ones at our store (in firearms) are pretty sharp and have been shooting since the beginning of time. Prices are hit or miss. Policy is to go by the Blue Book, and often times the Blue Book is high. Sometimes it is low. We priced a Colt Mustang Pocketlite at $330 in 95%. Needless to say I snatched that one up.

Ammo on sale is sometimes okay.

Not allowing employees to CCW there is retarded. I think it has more to do with loss prevention than anticcw though.

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