Garbage like this realllllly annoys

In my not so humble opinion, after my first "what the hay is That?", is that That would be an insult to both US Marines US Army of the Pacific Theater and the IJN Marines and IJ Army. I don't know what the intent was but the creator should have had second thoughts and said "Naw. Bad idea."

The ads call it a "homage". Like Asylum Films "Road Wars" is a homage to "Mad Max: Fury Road". If Asylum Films was a knife company ...
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You had one of those cardboard tanks too?! I've never known anyone else who had one.... I rather liked mine. Watched TV (mostly John Wayne movies) through the cardboard periscope, and felt safe in my armored vehicle.
The tank we had was an old Packard that had been gutted and left to rot in the back pasture it gave ample protection during BB gun wars.
I owned a similar sword several decades ago. When I decided to get rid of it I just had to break it so that nobody else could use it. I stuck it in advise and tried to snap it, it bent. I bent it 90° and threw it in the dumpster
Yep, wall hanger junk out of mild steel with no heat treat. Junk, but at least safer junk.

The FIL gave such to me and it bent on the first test.
As a USMC veteran, all I can do is shake my head and wonder why. But I guess it's probably good that Marines are so widely admired that people even use us to try to sell crap like that.
Your photo reminded me of this bayonet that I reshaped the broken off end on and made some new panels out of phenolic.

I keep it by the little lathe for chips. :) Good for weeds too.


I don't know what it fits but I bet others here do.
That is just plain awful. Reminds me of anything I see in a Budk catalog. As someone who has plenty of authentic and vintage Kabars, just plain disgusting.