GForce AR shotguns, how bad are they?


Nov 23, 2006
Seeing these for below 200, how terrible are they?

A magazine fed 12 gauge for under 200 sounds pretty interesting if it's usable
Seeing these for below 200, how terrible are they?

A magazine fed 12 gauge for under 200 sounds pretty interesting if it's usable
I've owned 4 semi auto shotguns made in Turkey, one of them being a bullpup. No issues out of any of em, so I would think those would be fine.
I don't have the gforce ar style shotty but do have a gforce bullpup 12 gauge with the AR style mags and semi auto. It did have a few failure to eject empty shells during break in. But I was also using what I had and didn't buy any high brass shells for it. They recommend 1300fps or more for break in. After about 100 rounds I haven't had any more issues regardless of shells. I also have a ria vrpf14 pump with the AR style mags and it hasn't had the first issue. Screenshot_20240414_155043_Gallery.jpg
I've one of theTurkish bullpup shotguns and I love shooting it, problem is it fails to go into battery after about 100 rounds, which is typically two outings for me shooting steel plates with it. The gas piston is so fouled and gummed up that it won't fully go back into battery. I've tried a large assortment of different shotshells including the Turkish Sterling brand. Not ammo sensitive when clean, even 7/8 oz 20ga equivalent loads function fine when the gun is clean. But much over 100 rounds and it fails to fire because the bolt has not gone fully forward because of fouling of the gas piston and cup. Is this typical? It is a relative PITA to clean compared to most guns.

Here is a short video clip of me shooting steel plates with the BP12 and Saiga 12. I'm faster with the BP12, the slow-mo shows less muzzle flip and a more straight back recoil impulse.

The Saiga gas puck gums up eventually, but it takes a lot more rounds through it to cause issues, and is dramatically easier to clean.

Here is a set of three runs at the plate rack with the BP12 and no slow-mo.
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Here is a good, reliable 12 gauge for just a little more. I have one of these, it’s a great gun.

The maverick 88 is a great shotgun specially at there price point. And the great thing is there mostly interchangeable with 500 parts which allows better customization. That's the big downside to all the cheaper turk shotties that's flooding the market these days. You can't really swap anything on them and if parts break good luck finding replacements
No first hand experience to be fair. But here is what I've seen in 2 different shotgun classes and others had them in class.

Neither of them survived the first hr. and they were retired. the last class i think the guy got 2 or 3 rds down range with feeding/extracting issues. I don't know what ammo he was using but it was birdshot. So it may have been simply too light to cycle that action. Never got a chance to ask him about his ammo or other shooting experience with it.

Personally, a good pump gun (I love my 870's, but Mossy 500s and Mav 88's are very good also) with a tube extension is all that is really needed. And they are proven hands down reliable for any and all ammo.

ar style shotguns are a blast to blow stuff up at a gravel pit/junkyard setting. they do tend to recoil different than traditional style guns.