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Apr 4, 2008
I'm not attempting to start another self defense ammo debate, there are enough of those online to write a graduation thesis. I'm considering switching from my Glock 19 9MM to a Glock 23 40 S&W as a regular CC gun. I'm most likely to go with Federal Hydrashock 165, however I'm curious what inputs other people with this Glock model have. Has anyone ever had a FTF with this ammo, or any other HP ammo in the Glock 23? For that matter, has anybody noticed reliability issues with any specific ammo in this gun? My Glock 19, 26, and 21 have yet to choke on any rounds...
Because Glock has is overbored in the breech, extra deep feed ramp. They feed anything, wet or dry, covered in mud, blood, crud.

But don't shoot reloads --
Hydrashock is pretty old technology. As for FTF, I've never had one with it in 9mm, but I never tried it in .40 S&W.

For my Glock 23, it's either Speer GD (165 grain is my favorite, but I know 180 grain also works very well) or Federal Tactical Bonded - that's because I personally prefer loads with the jacket bonded to the core. Federal HST is also a great load and lots of people refer to it as HydraShock Two. Other great loads are WInchester Ranger or SXT, Remington Golden Saber, Corbon DPX, Hornady TAP, etc. etc.. Really, any of the modern "premium" self defense ammo loadings are good.

Coincidentally, the one that most people seem to dog is Federal Hydrashock. It's not that it's bad. It's just that technology has come quite a ways and the ammo companies are able to produce better expanding bullets. Federal Hydrashock isn't a bad load, it's just an old load. Being old though, it's gotten name recognition, and you'll notice in the store that the price of it is sometimes higher than the other premium SD loadings. That's just because of marketing. Federal didn't develop the load btw - they bought it. Think of Hydrashock vs. most current premium loadings as an older but still entirely functional car that you know works vs. a brand new car that was designed to overcome the shortcomings of most older cars. Both will get you to work in the morning. The second just gives you an additional level of comfort on the way though.

Here are some photos from another forum of an original HydraShock vs Federal HST (HydraShock Two - that's not what it really stands for btw):




As you can see, both expand well, but the HST is more controlled-expansion whereas the Hydrashock mushrooms the old fashioned way. The center post as I'm sure you know is to keep the cavity from getting plugged thus defeating its ability to expand. The effectiveness of the center post has been debated. Also, if you look closely, you'll see that the jacket and core have separated in both instances. That is why I go with loadings using bonded bullets. It probably doesn't make all that much of a difference if any, but I like the idea of the whole thing staying intact.

Another photo from the same forum:

From left to right, Hydrashock, Corbon DPX, and Remington Golden Saber.

Winchester Ranger (they prefer that you call the sharp protrusions petals, not talons btw - look up the Black Talon round for why and also notice the similarity)

Or I could just show you the similarity:
Bad press surrounding the round caused Winchester to pull it from the market. We should all thank them for that sacrifice because had they not, the media may have stirred up enough of an unwarranted panic to cause legislators to ban all hollow-point ammo.......... anyways, moving along

This is what Winchester Ranger looks like when the core separates from the jacket (see the round on the left)
That's why I prefer bonded bullets.

Now see one of my favorites, Speer Gold Dot:

All-in-all you can't really go wrong, but some are slightly better than others. Whether or not it's going to make a difference in a self-defense situation is up to you because it's shot placement that makes all the difference in the world, not the ammo type.

Anyways, I hope that helps.

Btw - none of my .40 caliber Glocks have ever had a FTF or FTE issue with any round that I can remember, hollow-point or FMJ. I have 22's, 23's, and 27's.

ETA: I did not take any of these photos. They are scattered around the net. The photos I've taken that are similar are also on the net, I just don't know where anymore. lol Also, I have a strong feeling when the mods wake up and have their coffee, this thread is going to be moved to handguns - autoloaders. :D
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I carry 165 gr HST's in my 23, never had any sort of problem. I have fired and carried Hydra Shoks as well and I never had any isses with them either, but I've found the HST's are less expensive.
Haven't tried those yet, and I'm sure there won't be any issues with the G23...even though "some" guns are particular of what they eat.

I've used Winchester white box and Winchester Ranger JHPs on my G23, and no problems at all.
I carry 165 gr HST's in my 23, never had any sort of problem


Can't remember where I got this but depending on if expansion or penetration is what you want....


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Thank you, everyone, for the feedback. I ended up going with the Federal ammo
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