Glock 26 v Sig Sauer P250 sub compact

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el Godfather

Feb 4, 2012
Glock 26 v Sig Sauer P250 sub compact---or some other subcompact?

Dear THR
Between the Glock 26 and Sig Sauer 250 sub compact, which would you prefer for conceal carry. One is STF and the other is DAO with exposed hammer.


Edited to included some other sub compact as I handled sigP250 and G26, and didn't like their thick profile.
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Normally, I'd pick a Sig over a Glock. But between the P250 and the G26, give me the Glock.
I prefer the P250 because it fits my hand well, and the glock does not. All things being equal, I'd suggest the glock, too, but all things are seldom equal. See if you can handle them, either at the range or the local gun shop, before making a decision.
Mike good advice.
My friend has both, I will go handle it and see how it handles.
See if you can handle them, either at the range or the local gun shop, before making a decision.


Go put your hands on both of them. See if you can put each on your hip where you'll carry them. See the triggers on both - they are very different. You may like one better than the other.

My own personal findings:

Ergonomics: Glocks do not fit my hand at all, and I was considering the G26 myself before I actually tried on out (and hated it, deal killer for the G26). But this is an individual consideration, you may love the feel of the G26. The p250 felt right, but opted not to go for it for other reasons.

Trigger pull: I think you'll find the trigger pull of the G26 to be better than the p250. Tired the p250 out and disliked the trigger (especially compared to my other Sigs). Deal killer for the p250. And then there are the lingering stories about p250 reliability, etc... (at least the early ones)...

This would be the first time I'd ever used a Sig pistol and was able to turn away (have the p220, p225, p226, p228 and p229 and swear by them, and am going for a 2022 later this year). The Glocks have never felt right in my hand, and I've been much, much more accurate with Sigs than Glocks. I was hoping the G26 would have changed my mind, but it just was not to be.

So I ended up with neither. You might have a totally different experience, and end up with both ... :evil:
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Glock Glock Glock Glock....proven design. ive seen people who hated the way they felt in there hand pick one up and start shooting. after a box or two of ammo, they got comfortable and started punching the target easily

I'm getting ready to head out around town right now with my G26 on my side.

Make sure that you try both out before you buy if you can however. A Glock is hard to beat and I own a P220 Sig. You can attach 10, 12, 15, 19 or 33 round mags to the Glock. How about the Sig? Just sayin'.


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I handled both today and I hated the BRICK profile of both- more so I hated glock. Its smallest 9mm but still thick.

I gues this chapter is closed for.
The subcompact Glocks feel a little different than people expect their pistol to, but it locks into your palm solidly and is a very easy gun to shoot well. I didn't care for the 27 I had until I got a couple of boxes into it, warmed up rigght wuick after that.
I agree with the others -- Try before you buy.

I think the P250 is a superb firearm for the money. It has no safeties (a plus for me), so it is designed with a long trigger pull. If you can handle the trigger, then I can see the P250 being an ideal carry gun.
For concealment? Ruger LC9, KelTec PF9, Kahr something9... just go play with a few.
Glad you had the chance to handle both. Since you ruled out the G26 and the Sig p250 ....

How about the Sig P239 - slimmer profile, very accurate
Or the Walther P99c AS - offers different backstraps for "custom" hand fit?
Or the Walther PPS?

Myself, I alternatively carry a p225, p228 or p229 every day. No problems with concealibility at all.
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I'd go with the Glock and I own a P250 compact as well. It'll really come down to which is more comfortable and which trigger you prefer.

But.....unless you really cannot conceal it, I'd go with the G19 vice the 26..

Longer sight radius and the grip gets all fingers on without pinching. I know some haven't experienced the pinching, but I handled my buddies G26 after he complained about the pinching and I don't know if it was pinching me, but it did not feel nearly as well as the G19.
The 26 won't pinch you unless you try to use the magazine extensions with it. They never made my 27 feel better, or shoot better. Pinky isn't needed on the grip I don't think.
Wojo.....I am glad that you actually read the thread and noticed that despite the topic, I am no longer looking for G26 or P250.

I like your advices. I also carry daily -a P30 HK, but this subcomp I wanted for ankle holster. Walther seems to be great. I handled 239, it was heavy for what it is.
El Godfather - totally agree - didn't catch you were looking for an ankle gun. P239 would be too heavy on the ankle IMHO.

My list to evaluate might be the Walther PPS and maybe Beretta Px4 storm? The PPS is high on my "thinkin' about it" list. Would the HK P2000sk be too large?

I tend to read the first and last posts of a thread at a minimum - you never know where things go since the OP. LOL - you might need to start a new thread "What subcompact? - anything BUT a G26 or P250C"... I see 3 of the last 5 posts are about the glock you don't want ... and the next 20 probably will be as well LOL...
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