glock grip mod

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Mar 9, 2004
the finger grooves on my glock 19 have always bothered me. they're too close together and with my meaty paws my fingers land directly on the ridges instead of in the groove like they should. being that i shoot my glock better than any other handgun i have, i figured i'd finally treat myself to having them removed...and while i was at it, i'd have the hump in the backstrap reduced too. i did some looking and saw mention of cold bore customs. took a look at their site and read some really great reviews. decided to have the trigger guard rounded and undercut as well.

lane was a pleasure to deal with and his work is top notch. i couldn't be happier. reasonable pricing, flexible, quick turnaround time, and great communication. i would highly recommend his work to anyone looking to mod their glock. here's a quick and dirty before and after pic. grip reduction, removal of finger grooves, full carry texture, round and undercut trigger guard.


i'll likely have this done to every glock i call my own. how it feels in the hand is just so much better. my only complaint is that i didn't have it done sooner!:D
That is great work! It must feel so much better in the hand than before. The texture looks much better than the original as well.
the texture is much better. it gives a much great purchase on the grip and isn't too course to be uncomfortable.

1kperday- pricing can be found on his website under services. it cost me $60 to ship it fedex next day, and return shipping was included in the price of the work. well worth it.
That looks good. The finger grooves are one thing that has stopped me from owning a G19.
I have been doing custom grip stippling for friends and family for the last 6 months my glock current has this done as well as my moe hand grips on my ar and also numerous other flocks and a couple m and p s if any one here would like this modification I am willing to do it free of charge (taking tips of coarse) please note *I am not a gunsmith just a gun enthusiast* but any information requested by you adress phone number (or anything that makes you comfortable) I would be happy to help p.m. me for more details
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