Going back to the 1970s

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Colt Lightweight Commander, maybe an M1 Carbine.

Maybe Jim Cirillo would like my choices.

You also might consider a tie wide enough to use as a plate carrier.

and a brutal set of muttonchop sideburns

The BHP is a really really good choice it was a toss up, I picked the Colt as being lighter and smaller. There just weren't a lot of HP bullets available back then, so 9mm/45 were pretty even caliber wise.
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It would be my SW Model 19 with 6 inch barrel and my Marlin 336 30/30
Both are good utility arms and extremely reliable.
Ah back to some good old days when ammo and supplies were rock bottom and the real sports guns reigned supreme.
It's funny I've been thinking about what I would be carrying in different periods of time as well. For the 70's I'd likely have gone with a Browning Hipower and Remington 870. I prefer 9mm and would go for a shotgun if I could have only one long gun.

and a brutal set of muttonchop sideburns

Absolutely. If I could grow some muttonchops as groovy as my old man used to have I'd be one cool cat. ;)
If you had to go back to the 1970s for a year or so.....what would you carry in order to blend in?

Very high heeled shoes with gold fish in them, a bright yellow suit, and very large sunglasses.
How much do I have to "blend in"?

Here's my rationale - something like a Glock will draw attention. Something like a Browning won't...but there is a world of difference between a BHP Mark II (available circa 1975) and a BHP that has been fully tuned by Novak's or Cylinder & Slide. Ditto for 1911s and AR-15s. Even bigger differences in sights and ammunition.

I can equip myself with hardware that looks period, until you take a very close look. That's when you notice the upgrades. But I'm not letting you have a close look.
Blued S&W model 19 with 4 in barrel, and a Remington 870, parkerized with 18in. barrel and no magazine extension.

Ah memories................on second thought. I'd buy all of the M1 Carbine ammo I could, and hoard it until 2012.

I used to love blasting away with a carbine with cheap ammo. :)
I'm with bubbles I'd be betting the ponies, the super bowl any thing I could find and I'd look up Mark Zuckerberg and try to talk him out of some facebook stock
Zuckerberg wasn't born until 84
In the 70's you would have been talking to those three punks who thought that they were on to something, their names were Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne. Oh yeah another one named Gates.
Guns for me would be the model 19, the Mossberg 500, and maybe an AR 15 they hit the market when I was three so by the 70's the original bugs would have been worked out. For a BUG maybe a Smith with a 2 inch Bbl
Not that long ago!

The '70s weren't that long ago. You could carry just about anything you wanted and not stand out. A Glock might be taken for a toy as with any polymer gun. I would carry my 1911 and an 870 without hesitation....and $10,000.00 to invest in Microsoft! :D
+1 on money for wise investments.

As for guns... i dunno. I'm kinda thinking I might be the stand-alone here, but I'd probably go with a S&W 59. First produced in 1970, so it's period correct, but darn rugged and reliable and I get 2 shots more than with a BHP.

And for a long gun... I don't know. Probably just an 870, but could easily be talked into a good lever gun, or .30 carbine.

Only other thing I might think of would be a Ruger Security Six and Marlin 1894 combo in .357mag. Keeps things simple and neither gun would stand out.
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