Got A Colt Anaconda! .45 Colt Pics

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Aug 15, 2008
Lubbock, Texas
A LGS took in 2 Anaconda's on consignment. A .44 Mag 6" and a .45 Colt 6". Both w/ boxes and instruction book. The .44 mag had already been sold before I got there. That's cool, as I wanted the .45 Colt gun anyway. The .45 Colt Anaconda was Tagged $1,799.00

I brought in a bit of trading material. The trading material was either doubles of something I had, or guns I just wasn't shooting anymore. My out-of-pocket was a grand total of $140.00! I calculated it out. Even w/ just trade-in allowances, I made a few $ on most or broke even on a few, lost a little on 2 + all the tax I avoided! When I figure the amount of use I got out of those guns, it's a sweet deal! :cool:

Here she is!

that's a BIG snake, congrats.

.45Colt is an interesting and powerful caliber. I am curious as to the max pressure that your Colt will withstand.....Is it rated for 'Ruger and T/C Contender only' pressure?
Thanks guys! This one has been crossed off my bucket list!


Yes, the Anaconda was designed and built (a scaled-up King Cobra) as a platform to accept .44 Mag pressures w/ enough extra room to accept a warm .45 Colt load.

However, my standard load is a cast lead 225 grain TC bullet over 9 grains of Herco. I use that same load in a S&W .45 Colt Mountain Gun (4" tapered barrel), it's very controllable.
Nice man! The .45 Colt Anacondas don't come around real often. I'm a tad envious. Enjoy!
that's a BIG snake, congrats.

.45Colt is an interesting and powerful caliber. I am curious as to the max pressure that your Colt will withstand.....Is it rated for 'Ruger and T/C Contender only' pressure?
I have generally heard that the Ruger data is acceptable in the anaconda, but I wouldn't since you can get a Ruger for half the price any day of the week and you don't need to feel bad about beating that one up. The anaconda would be a nice shooter to preserve.
...yea congrats again Ultramag44 for cleaning out the safe of some unused guns and getting something seriously cool. I should take a look at my stash and do the same.

I shoot 8.2gr Unique under a 255gr cast in my 7 1/2" Blackhawk. It is mild and accurate. However, I recently shot a couple of 'Ruger Only' loads that rekindled my interest in the hot stuff. Say something in a 300 hard cast lwfp?? or similar.
A nice bit of wheeling and dealing! Between the two, if the .44 Mag was available, I would have gone with the .45 Colt. Enjoy.
I differ, I would go .44 mag. I will grant that the points between the two qualify for minutia and are endlessly controversial. So, that leaves the plain fact that you are fortunate and a subject for my envy.

As I understand it the "Ruger only" loads as suggested in loading tables do not necessarily include out of production revolvers which all Colt DA's qualify for as of the late '90's.

What I have read suggests that the Anacondas are as strong as anything short of an FA or BFR and are of no concern unless you are TRULY pushing the envlope with hand loads. If you are, God bless you, but you are not of my tribe.

I subscribe to finding a need and then working up to satisfy it. I know of no need for .44 mag or .45 Colt that the Anaconda won't handle with a smile. If you want .45/70 BFR territory, I simply don't have any input.
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Investment-wise I regret letting a near mint .45 Colt priced at $1100 slide by me a year or so ago....I had shooting on my mind, though, and didn't want to gear up for .45 loading.
Thanks again guys! I have learned, when oppurtunity presents itself, don't waffle! Jump on it fast, 'cause it won't last long!

I knew I had to have the Anaconda, especially in the rare .45 Colt calliber.
Where's the "green with envy" smiley?
Very nice snake. Always wanted one.
45 Anaconda loads

I bought mine in 1999, when the word got out Colt was dropping all DA revolvers. I better not say what I paid but it was less then the retail of $600. I cast Lyman's 454190 (250 grain FP)and size it at .454 for best accuracy in all my Colts chambered in 45 Colt. I wasn't able to get good accuracy with .452 lead bullets except a 200SWC that was made for 45 ACP and a very light load of 700X. I did find one Ruger load with Lyman's 452454 (Keith 255 SWC) at .452 diameter and about 1100 FPS that was accurate though. I shoot very little jacketed bullets so I can't comment on them. It goes without saying that the grip of the anaconda handles the recoil so much better than the plow handle SAA.
Gorgeous Anaconda! Green with envy doesn't even cover it. I bet she'll shoot like a dream. Maybe someday ill find one. It's certainly on the list!
Very nice. I have recently traded into a 45 LC Win 94 and am beginning to appreciate the round all over again.

Excellent score on your part.
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