Got a new Sig Mosquito

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May 1, 2006
Puyallup Washington
So yesterday I went to the Portland Oregon Gun Show, and picked up a new Sig Mosquito .22lr as a gift for the lady in my life, I ended up paying a little more than buds gun shop online but my Girlfriend really liked the Pink Mosquito and few places have it, (Buds DOES) but the price I got was only slightly more than Buds+transfer fee.

So far the gun is really nice have not taken it out to the range yet but so far so good.

So today since I was off, I figured I would go pick up a variety of ammo for it, I wanted to get a wide variety of ammo for the pistol to see what it will eat and what it wont.

I already have a Federal brick so I didnt need any more of that, today I went to the Joes outdoor and found American Eagle for 2.49/ 50rnds so I got the last 2 boxes they had.

I then went to Dicks (my least favorite sporting store but they have decent selection) they had the same American Eagle 40grain ammo for 4.99/ 50rnds and the only other ammo they had was CCI minimags and even then there was nobody at the gun counter to help me so I just left.
You may have to back to get those MiniMags. The Mosquito may take a little bit of breaking in with the hotter stuff to settle in. A couple 100 round boxes should do. Or you can just keep at it with what you have if you encounter ejecting/feeding issues. The MiniMags just accelerates the break-in period.
Is this going to turn in to another "my Mosquito is a Jam-O-Matic" because someone didn't read the manual?
Took my new Mosquito Sport to the range yesterday. After 150 rounds of Mini-mags,and no malfunctions I shot 50 Rem, golden bullets wth only one failure to feed. I then opened up the Federal HV Wal-mart 550pack and proceeded to fire about 275 rounds and 50 more Mini-mags. All day I had 1 fte, 2 ftfeed's, 1 with Federal 1 wth Rem. All Ammo was accurate and functioned well.
I had a blast!

With only 3 minor, easily cleared malfunctions out of about 525 rounds on my first time shooting it. I ain't bashing my Mosqito. I'm loving it!:D
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