Great duck ammo

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sixgun MAK

Dec 10, 2006
I've tried all kinds of steel shot, but I'm most impressed with Kent Faststeel 3" #2 in 1 1/4 oz loads.

Hope everyone has a great waterfowl season.
It is very good ammo. I like Remington Wingmaster HD better but it is pricey, and dead is dead. Best wishes for your upcoming Waterfowl season too.

Can't use lead anymore. I've actually had the best luck with the Winchester Xperts. I crushed them last year with them and they only cost $10/box.
for fairly close duck i have used eley grand prix steels in uk #3 or better still eley grand prix HV in bismuth 5 shot. the bismuth is expensive but very good. Nearly as good as lead was
I can't often get kent and it's a little higher than hi speed Xpert (Winchester). The 3" Xpert hangs occsionally in my Mossberg and I have to take the barrel off and get the shell out as the exctractor skips over the rim. 2 3/4" stuff does not do this and either number 2s or 3s hit hard way out at 40 yards on big ducks. The stuff patterns well, can be used in my Winchester 1400, so that's what I've stuck with. Yes, the high speed stuff, 1550 fps, is the way to go now days with steel. I used to shoot number ones in 3", but 2 3/4" 3s and 2s in high speed work just as well.

Texas has been steel shot only since 1980. Been so long since I've fired lead at waterfowl, I'm forgetting how it did. LOL I used to shoot number 5s out of a 20 gauge and it worked quite well, though.
i used to use a standard 32gr 5 shot game cartridge in the old days. they were fine. i have just been out ducking, i took my son. i had a good evening but no ducks to show tonight
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