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Great service + freebies from Kel-tec

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by sevenpoint62mm, Aug 18, 2004.

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  1. sevenpoint62mm

    sevenpoint62mm Member

    May 12, 2004
    After some problems started during my F+B (which I must admit where my inexperience with this tiny bastage) I had to send my P3AT back to the factory for some fixing. Needless to say it was a long 6 weeks without my little backup.
    Anywho I sent it back with a money order for $24 for belt clip and mag extension. I also asked, if it was no trouble, if I could swap for a parkerized slide, a shoe boot, and a spare retaining pin as well. It wasn't til after it was off I found out the slide exchange would have cost me an extra $15 which would have been fine.

    <six weeks later>

    Fed-ex package from Kel-tec arrives,... :p

    Inside I find my P3at with the free new slide, free trigger boot, and belt clip already installed. :) New frame pins, new retaining pin, and a free clip with trigger boot installed! :what: I checked the repair order, which is marked "No charge for repairs, service,.". Out falls my money order uncashed plus, a set of mini-hex tools for my boot, and a check for $14 for shipping. All I can say is wow, thats some kick a$$ service!
  2. perrytrails

    perrytrails Member

    Jan 27, 2004
    I also had trouble with my P3at, fte at least once every mag. They sent a new extractor, but didn't cure the problem. After another phone call I sent my slide and barrel to them and asked for the Hard Chrome upgrade, and in 2 1/2 weeks it was returned. I must say I'm very pleased with the Hard Chorme slide. 100 flawless rounds later I'm sold on Kel-Tec's service!!!!!!!!!:D
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