Gun belt

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May 5, 2010
Simply looking for any recommendations for a leather Gun belt. Looking for durability.

I've tried a Hank's Amish bullhide, a Wilderness Tactical CSM, and a few others that haven't quite "done it" for me. What I'm finally happy with is my Beltman horsehide with internal reinforcement. At first I thought it would be overkill, but I'm very happy that I went all out.
I just discovered that Alien Gear has a belt now with a spring steel insert to improve stiffness. I ordered one and will post my impressions when I get it.
There are plenty of good belts out there, but I can tell you I'm very pleased with my Beltman. I have had it since 2007, worn almost daily, not all of it carrying guns, but I do have holsters and magazine carriers with metal clips, and it still looks and functions well.
After doing some research, it appears that the Alien Gear belt is made by Bigfoot Gun Belts. The Alien Gear might be an especially good deal if you are looking at getting an AG holster as well -- they are offering a $15 discount when you buy a belt and holster together.

I just got my belt today, along with my 1911 holster. I'll be trying them out this weekend.
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