gun for the bathroom?

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Beaucoup Ammo

Hate to break it to you, but your John Lennon quote isn't referring to a real gun.
"Happiness is a warm gun, bang bang, shoot shoot" is referring to a syringe full of heroin as the Beatles have admitted. Just thought you should know.
Model #60 S&W in the shower was my answer.

:) I used to hang a model 60 S&W on the shower nozzle with a hook made from a cut down coat hanger. I heard 30 or more years ago that you were the most vulnerable while in the bathroom and since I lived in a real bad area at that time, I wanted to be as prepared for the worst as possible. I still keep a NAA 22 mag. revolver in the bathroom within reach, just in case. Once you are made aware of a possible point of vulnerability, it's your own fault if your caught with your pants down. I live alone so I don't have to worry about the grandchildren or guests finding the bathroom piece.
I figured that that there were two times when the bg could enter your home more easily undetected: at night when you are asleep and while you are bathing.

Don't forget the time when the house is empty - you're at work during the day or gone for the weekend, then they can come in as loudly as they wish and take all your "dedicated" guns that happen to be laying around. It kind of makes the option of one carry gun on you all the time and the rest locked up look a bit better.
I carry all the time too, in the home or not, but I also have a couple of guns in the bathroom. One is in there simply because it is my robe pocket gun, and that's where my robe usually is (This is a .32 auto). The other is a dedicated bathroom last ditch gun (This is a little .22 lr NAA mini revolver). It's well hidden, and I don't often have guests in the house, certainly no children ever come in the house. If I do have a guest, the guns all get put away first.
Storing any firearm in the shower or bath subjects them to rust due to heavy and repeated condensation from showers; I fail to see need for gun in bath unless you are.... shooting logs in toilet!!!:) Seems paranoid to me! Lock the door????

DON'T GET ME WRONG... if you need a gun in a bath by all means... I just would not subject it to the condensation... find a closet outside the bath - linen closet - and hide a shotgun!

Find a place outside of bath... hide a Playboy mag in bath... that's probably better and more effective!!!!!!!;)
A defensive firearm in the home is useless if not accessable when needed, no matter what room of the house your in. A small handgun lock box mounted under the sink, push button operated and around $50 should solve the problem of guests or kids, some oil and a dessicant bag thrown in will solve the moisture problem. As previously stated, dogs are a great alarm system and will usually detect someone before they are even on your doorstep. If compatable with your lifestyle and living situation, go to your local shelter and adopt; size, age and breed do not matter as long as the dog is alert and can bark. That way you can hurridly finish your bathroom business and get to your weapon. The bathroom is just one area of the home usually without "protection", keep in mind any out buildings like a detached garage are a good place to be surprised by an intruder, again a dog will let you know but short of that, an old S&W revolver picked up cheap from a pawn shop is a great gun for stashing in case of emergency.
There are two movies that portray interesting ways of keeping guns at the ready almost everwhere in your house.

The Dogs of War - Christopher Walken is too cool.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - when Tuco is taking a bath. :evil:
Remember This Flic?


This discussion just brought to mind, an old movie .... I believe it was one of John Wayne's cowboy flics .... don't recall which one. Wayne's 'character' was taking a shower (behind about a 5' tall wooden door), the BG comes in, thinking he's caught our hero "with his pants down" - gunbelt hanging several feet away .... however BG ends up gettin' a load of buckshot, from inside the shower - thru the door.

sgh said:

This discussion just brought to mind, an old movie .... I believe it was one of John Wayne's cowboy flics .... don't recall which one. Wayne's 'character' was taking a shower (behind about a 5' tall wooden door), the BG comes in, thinking he's caught our hero "with his pants down" - gunbelt hanging several feet away .... however BG ends up gettin' a load of buckshot, from inside the shower - thru the door.

Yes. It was "Big Jake".
Back in my gypsy days it is possible that I might have stashed a few hosewarming items throughout the domicile....yes;including the three inch speed six .38 in the bathroom(where the wall and the floor met behind the toilet tank;a small vent -broken grate). JUst enough space to take the piece&a couple of Bianchi speed strips in a Ziplock bag.
Having seen all those videos of people using 50 cals to destroy toilets, I'm considering eliminating the bathrooms so as to not draw fire.
beaucoup ammo said:
News to me, Brother! Thanks for the heads up! Makes sense now that I think about it.

Take Care
A damn shame that we have to be concerned about such things. Ah well, life isn't what it once was. Maybe it never was...
Luck to ya, Friend.
Fill a super soaker with the toilet water. Point, pump, shoot the BG. You midas well have some fun since your BG won't be having any. ;)
+1, Eddie.

When I'm in there, there's a pistol on the windowsill. When I leave, it's back on my hip.
Hardware said:
Sounds like a perfect time to practice taking cover behind your tactical stainless steel commode. :neener:

Aaand I'm thinking this is the lid for said commode.


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This HAS been covered before.

True story... dad was given explicit instructions for bathroom use on a remote duty assignment which included the use of a super blackhawk .44 magnum... the outhouse in question was outside a fishing camp on the banks of the Yukon River... and the outside of the outhouse was covered in claw marks from wandering bears.

You had to put on all your cold weather gear then your gunbelt, then your mittens... then run to the outhouse, take off your mittens, hang the gun on the backside of the door, take off your cold weather gear, and put your mittens back ON... so you could sit on your hands and NOT stick to the seat. Guess it was mighty cold that night.

As far as everyday home use in the lower 48... the old .38 taped to the back of the tank trick works pretty well (The Godfather) ... almost as good as the 45 under the pasta salad in the fridge (Dogs of War) but no where near as good as the shotgun in the shower stall (Big Jake).
Yes this has been covered before. And yes I have been chided.

In another life[tm] In which I was raised in - I was just raised a certain way.

I will put it this way, some folks are more target prone due to nature of work.
Yes I carried concealed, always. Yes I traveled and stayed in Hotels and Motels - another vulnernable thing to do. Apt complexes have master keys to apts, often just give these master keys to various maintenance persons. Some of these persons are not honest. Some may make duplicates, they may not continue to be the maintanence person. They do take note of what one has and that cute young thing in Apt 1A.

Yes I still carry on person, including the bathroom.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see the bathroom light come on, and hear the water running for an evening shower, or bath, from outside- especially in bad areas of town.

One is repsonsible for firearm - always. Got kids, kept it on person or lock it up. Bathroom or otherwise.

Now in that other life, yes I had guns hidden all over the place. Most folks carried concealed always.

True cases of folks being hoarded into bathrooms while the store was robbed, if the BGs disarmed - the hidden Simplex Box contained a firearm or two - employees knew where and combo.

True cases of folks being hoarded into walk-in safes, while BGs robbed the place. Again perhaps disarming employees.

In the walk-in safe yes there were guns. More important was an Oxygen tank, and unpublished hidden phone hardwired and hardwired system running to adjacent business in which no matter if power was cut to us...we had battery backup, and so did the adjacent business. Either we could call,or signal a silent alarm.

Without oxygen humans do not last very long. I / we needed to assure we had some way to breathe and some manner contacting help.

Now I will take my chiding, be called paranoid, and get fussed at for thinking out of the box.

Then again I do know folks that even in a different business that I was in, and less of a target per se'...
Have taken steps and measures in walk-in freezers, locked storage areas,... and even bathrooms - anywhere they might get hoarded, or be in when the BGs come in and they hear the robbery in progress.

Have a gun, two is better, long gun more better.

There is more to Responsible Firearm Responsibility - than firearms.
Oh, the lame bathroom humor! sm's post was refreshing!
I've known young women, living alone or with a girl room-mate who feel more vulnerable at home than on the street, strangely enough. They often keep the old field hockey or softball bat handy...but a bathroom doesn't offer much swinging room. Most of them wouldn't consider firearms...due to cost, or unfortunate anti-2ndA prejudice. Still they deserve some protection. I've advised a couple to keep a good-sized cheap kitchen knife tucked under the TP, and maybe a Corningware frypan, as a scrunchie tray in the towel closet.
Tactic: As BG batters down LOCKED bathroom door, woman assumes stance in center of room, pathetically (perp thinks) trying to hide her body behind a towel. That's the Nailer. The surprise comes when a serrated chef's knife ($3.98 in stainless at your local Crap-Mart) emerges from the folds of said towel and is inserted multiple times into BG's lower torso. (Conking with Corningware optional.) Perp folds...non-victim books.
Surprisingly, many young women I have known seem to handle the concept of such a defense with aplomb, though they dismiss the notion of firearms out of hand . Don't know why.
The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Remember the scene where Tuco is in the tub and a guy he maimed earlier in the film comes in to kill him. Thinking he has Tuco at a disadvantage he rambles on about why he's going to kill him. Tuco has a gun under the suds and after shooting he says something to the effect of, "if your going to kill someone, shoot, don't talk". Anyway, as I spend some quality time in my hot tub out on our screen porch I always have a gun on the table next to me. Just in case. :D
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