Gun Storage Options

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Apr 19, 2006
I need to store a gun collection temporarily of about a dozen or so firearms with a friend of mine for a little over a year as I will not be living somewhere where I can bring my firearms.

Most of these firearms are surplus type bolt guns and one is a MN 91/30. I could live with storing the 91/30 separate in a case or something but would like to have the rest of the guns in a single container or crate of some sort.

I have been looking for some type of crate to store these firearms in and have so far not had any luck. Most of the ones I have seen look to be too short.

Making my own isn't much of an option as I live in an apartment and its about 5 degrees outside so I'm not too eager to work out in the yard.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks
You might get some help with an inclosed cabinet type thing at places like Menards, or other building supply places. Somestimes a nice heavy plastic lawn tool cabinet might work well. (made for shovels or rakes)
You need to check your local laws!

For example, in Michigan, it is illegal for anyone other than the registered owner to posses a handgun (FFL dealers working on guns are exempt, of course).
If length is an issue you can seperate the barreled actions and stocks on almost all bolt guns to shorten them by a foot or so. Depends on the stock design. Reassemble the receiver/magazine so you don' lose parts.

My advice:
Get a "bore store" and a gun sock (or two for stock-off storage) for each gun. Make sure the bore-store is big enough to completely cover the gun or barreled receiver if stored stock off. You also need to borrow/buy/beg a tila food saver or equivalent vacuum bag sealer.

For each gun;
1) bore store the gun/barreled receiver.
2) make a foodsaver bag big enough to hold the borestore (and stock if seperated). If you are storing stock off sock the stock and place it alongside the bore-store in the vacuum bag. Vacuum seal the gun.
3) wrap the sealed gun in the extra gun sock.

Without the bore-store, sharp corners on the gun will punch through and the bag will leave a checker pattern on the metal (oil starvation). I've had mixed luck using a sock instead of the bore-store on receivers but stocks have fewer sharp corners. Without the outer sock, the whole thing is too fragile to box. I use a sharpie on the outside to mark make/serial number.

At that point you can store the guns in a locker. Stack-on style security boxes are a safe minimum but you can get lockable plastic trunks that work. Most hardware stores and some club warehouses have something that will fit stock-off guns.

That should do for 2-3 years at least.
thanks for the help, I should be able to come up with something to work from this advice.

Also, good thing I'm not in Michigan.
If the guns are too long buy a hacksaw. Problem solved!

If you have a army surplus store in your are you might check there to see if they have any shipping crates. These are usually wooden boxes with latches on the front and heavy duty carrying handles or ropes. Then you could wrap them up and store them almost anywhere.

If worse comes to worse I would be willing to baby sit them for you!
"Yeah. I've lived there. It's terrible for lots of reasons, besides even this."

Oh it's not that bad. I got thrown off a jury once because I knew more about gun laws here than the prosecuting attorney did! She asked if I believed someone could legally loan a shotgun to someone else, and I yes, because state law only applies to handguns, which are registered to the specific owner. She threw me off that jury in a New York minute, but at least the other 11 jurors heard the truth before I left.
Another option is a metal truck bed tool box. You can get them pretty cheap, and even beef up the locks with hasps and padlocks....They should be plenty long for your guns and not too heavy/bulky.
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